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Company Confidential 1 © 2007 Nokia Nokia/AOG Industry Collaboration in the ICT sector Abi Oxley Green January 28th.

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1 Company Confidential 1 © 2007 Nokia Nokia/AOG Industry Collaboration in the ICT sector Abi Oxley Green January 28th

2 Company Confidential 2 © 2007 Nokia AOG/Nokia Nokia and Corporate Responsibility “We are operating in more cultures and more markets than ever before. As a global company our actions can have a major impact in economies throughout the world. Being a good company brings significant value added to our brand and products. Our aspiration is to be among the world’s best in corporate responsibility, practicing good corporate citizenship wherever we do business.” Veli Sundbäck Executive Vice President Corporate Relations and Responsibility

3 Company Confidential 3 © 2007 Nokia AOG/Nokia Nokia will do its utmost to contract only with subcontractors or suppliers who themselves adhere to international human rights and environmental laws and practices. Nokia commits to monitoring the ethical performance of its suppliers and to taking immediate and thorough steps in cases where the ethical performance of its suppliers comes into question. Nokia Code of Conduct

4 Company Confidential 4 © 2007 Nokia AOG/Nokia Nokia & Responsible Sourcing Nokia Supplier Requirements Product environmental requirements Training of personnel Contractual agreements Risk assessments On-site assessments Supplier training & development Supplier Scorecards Stakeholder dialogue Industry Participation through GeSi

5 Company Confidential 5 © 2007 Nokia AOG/Nokia GeSI & EICC Collaboration GeSI - Global e-Sustainability Initiative: Industry led, open to full ICT industry, manufacturers, operators and regional associations, partnered with UNEP, work together with EICC (Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition) Objective: Develop and deploy a consistent set of tools and processes to measure, monitor and improve supply chain Corporate Responsibility (CR) performance across the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Strategy: The EICC and GeSI will achieve the above objective through the coordination of activities that are common to each group’s strategic plan. We agree to apply the principles of continuous improvement to all activities we undertake. Leadership and transparency will be the driving themes for all work we perform.

6 Company Confidential 6 © 2007 Nokia AOG/Nokia Membership of EICC & GeSi

7 Company Confidential 7 © 2007 Nokia AOG/Nokia A supplier self assessment questionnaire A risk assessment tool & methodology A common auditing approach/methodology – joint industry audits A web based eTool to facilitate B  B information flow – E-TASC A capability building plan to improve CR performance in the supply chain. Deliverables of collaboration

8 Company Confidential 8 © 2007 Nokia AOG/Nokia Learning & Capability Building Company specific training & development projects Multi-stakeholder project to identify how to build capability to drive environmental & social performance in ICT supply chain in Shenzhen E-learning training material Awareness building events

9 Company Confidential 9 © 2007 Nokia AOG/Nokia Learnings to build capability Public: Updating laws, increase no. labour inspectors, promote advice and incentives for CR, work with industry and ILO Industry: Cost Benefit analysis, implement management systems and performance measurement, improve worker communication, take ownership, sub-supplier focus Strategic partnerships, supplier incentives, align CR internally, standard approach, developmental audits, fair playing field Civil: worker training, partner with industry for accountability Association: Offer CR support/training to membership

10 Company Confidential 10 © 2007 Nokia AOG/Nokia Learnings from industry collaboration Focus on practical tools rather than codes Evolving the initiative - Stakeholder engagement Harnessing multiple organisations’ inputs Many ICT companies face the same issues & demand for action from stakeholders There are duplicate demands on suppliers It makes sense to collaborate, establish common tools and practices, reduce duplication of effort and cost and increase efficiency

11 Thank you Company Confidential 11 © 2007 Nokia Supplier Day / 2007-09-05 / JFB

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