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Chapter 16 Section 3 The Holocaust.

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1 Chapter 16 Section 3 The Holocaust

2 Objectives: Explain the reasons behind the Nazis' persecution of the Jews and the problems facing Jewish refugees. Describe the Nazis' "final solution" to the Jewish problem and the horrors of the Holocaust

3 The textbook ties with the movie
1942 Gerda Weissmann 3M Jews in Poland sent to German labor camp Separated from her family because of age Married Kurt Klein from the movie

4 Persecution Begins 1933 Hitler ordered all non-Aryans removed from government jobs Holocaust: the systematic murder of 11 million people across Europe Anti-Semitism: hatred of Jews. Jews blamed for Germany’s economic problems 1935 Nuremberg Laws: Jews lose German citizenship, jobs & property

5 Persecution Begins Kristallnacht: Night of Broken Glass or campaign against the Jews turns violent Jews flee Europe but no other country wants or will accept them U.S. brought in 100k of whom were Albert Einstein St. Louis in 1939 turned away with 943 passengers

6 Hitler’s Final Solution
Final Solution or Genocide: deliberate & systematic killing of an entire population Other targets: communists, socialists, liberals, Gypsies, Freemasons, Jehovah Witnesses, homosexuals, mentally deficient, mentally ill, physically disabled, incurably ill Ghettos: forced relocation in Poland cities

7 Ghetto Resistance Some formed resistance movements,
while others published underground newspapers secret schools to continue educating Jewish children, and kept alive various cultural activities, such as theaterand music.

8 Hitler’s Final Solution
Concentration Camps originally set up for political enemies. Cycle of hunger, humiliation, work, and ends in death

9 The Final Stage 1942 camps murder using poison gas
6 death camps in Poland Cheerful music played and soap distributed Huge crematoriums Medical experiments

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