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NQY LDO Miles Carden – EZ Manager. The EZ ZONE.

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1 AEROHUB @ NQY LDO Miles Carden – EZ Manager


3 AEROHUB: Intro 2 main Development Sites Aero Zones #1 & #2 – 57 acres Business Park - 78 acres Unique site Credible, high profile, international offer To Aerospace SW Aero Cluster Superfast Broadband Convergence ERDF Funding

4 The AEROHUB: Overview Southern Access Road Aerohub #2 42 Acres Aerohub #1 15 Acres Aerohub Business Park 78 Acres


6 Planning - Background Certificate of Lawful Use Masterplan 2008-2030 Adopted - June 2009 Weak wider Framework So……. Local Development Order (LDO)

7 Local Development Order – WHY? No Permitted Development rights Large number of planning applications Airport masterplan – weak? Exist planning framework National Pilot – PAS More inclusive than Part 18

8 What is an LDO? Order by LPA Grants permitted development rights for certain development. Development outside framework requires planning permission Location specific Defines development parameters and specific rules

9 LDO Results Delivered comprehensive planning framework Airport more competitive and reduces costs. Defines where there will be no dev Less burden on LPA and consultees Communication of clear policy Rapid response to: Operators Investors Regulators Community support – Localism delivered.

10 Local Development Order: Why? Investor/Occupier Planning as constraint – REAL? Certainty & Confidence Less: Risk Time Planning & design Also shortens procurement - Design & Build Cost Rapid response

11 Our Local Development Order LDO took 12 months to conclude from conception Sector Conditions 1. Surface Water 2. Historic Building 3 Zones: 1. No development Zone – changed after consultation 2. Limited Dev Zone 3. Aerospace dev Zones #1 & #2 1,000,000sqft of hangars 20m eaves

12 Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3

13 AEROHUB: Uses Aerospace & Aviation: Unmanned Air Vehicles Training (Search & Rescue) Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (finishing/fit out) Military & Civilian Advanced Engineering/Manufacturing Marine or marine renewables Demand from connectivity Supply-chain and spin off activity

14 Demand & Supply Demand Over 20 active enquiries EZ Interest - 4 NEW ONES SINCE EZ!!!!! Industry says we have a credible offer UK is competitive Supply: Loss of capacity Constrained industry Unique offer

15 Critical Issues Support of LA EIA Local Support Resourcing Evidence real winner! Major part of EZ offer Realistic Timetable: 6-9 months? EIA Double that?


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