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Chapter 23 Review State Government. The U.S. Constitution reserves many powers for the states in what Amendment? Tenth Amendment.

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1 Chapter 23 Review State Government

2 The U.S. Constitution reserves many powers for the states in what Amendment? Tenth Amendment

3 What is the supreme law of the land in West Virginia? The Constitution of the United States and treaties made

4 West Virginia has had how many constitutions? two

5 The introductory section of the West Virginia constitution is called the - preamble.

6 The branch of state government that is responsible for administering the laws is the executive branch

7 Changes in the West Virginia Constitution are known as Amendments

8 The total number of amendments added to the West Virginia constitution is 71 (As of 2000)

9 Name the four broad principles on which the United States and West Virginia constitutions are based. Popular sovereignty Limited government Separation of powers Checks and balances

10 Where do all powers come from and rest with? The people

11 Means the people are all powerful Popular sovereignty

12 The government is not above the law, it must exist under the rule of law, is an example of how the government’s power is what? limited

13 The idea that too much power given to one person or group could threaten people’s freedom explains what basic principal of government? separation of powers

14 Legislature makes laws – Governor can veto, is an example of what concept? checks and balances

15 In what two ways may the state constitution be amended? 1.By the legislature, approved by the people 2.By a constitutional convention

16 What is the law-making body for the state? Legislature

17 What does the judicial branch consist of? The Supreme Court of Appeals and other state courts

18 What is the basic function of the Legislature? Make laws

19 The bicameral Legislature consist of what two houses? Senate House of Delegates

20 The number of state senators is - Thirty-four senators, two from each seventeen districts

21 The House of Delegates has how many members? One hundred delegates from fifty- six districts

22 The number of seats in the senate and the house are determined by a process called what? Apportionment

23 What happens every ten years? Census

24 To bring charges of wrongdoing against, any officer of the state. Impeach

25 What is the term of a state senator? Four-year terms

26 What is the term of the house delegate? Two-year terms

27 Members of both houses may be re-elected how many times? Unlimited

28 When do regular sessions of the Legislature begin? Second Wednesday of January of each year

29 How long does the regular session last? Sixty-days

30 The Governor will make recommendations for legislative consideration in his opening speech called what? State of the State Address

31 Which house of the legislature has the power to impeach? House of Delegates

32 Which house of the legislature hears the impeachment? Senate

33 Who is the presiding officer of the senate? President of the Senate

34 Who is the leader of the House of Delegates? Speaker of the House

35 If the Governor’s office becomes vacant, who acts as governor until the vacancy is filled? President of the senate

36 How is most of the work in the legislature done? Through committees

37 Who are some of the most influential members of the legislature because they determine which bills are discussed in their committees? Chairpersons of Committees

38 How do laws begin? As bills

39 Once both houses pass a bill it is sent where? To the Governor for signing

40 Who is the state’s chief executive? The governor

41 What three actions can the governor take when presented with a bill passed by the Legislature? 1.Sign it into law 2.Let it become law without his signature 3.Veto the bill

42 What is the governor’s greatest control over the legislature? Veto

43 The governor, secretary of state, auditor, treasurer, commissioner of agriculture, attorney general, and state superintendent of schools are collectively known as the board of public works

44 Chief election officer and the keeper of the Great Seal are duties of what office? Secretary of State

45 Who is the states official bookkeeper? He examines and approves all invoices and maintains records of money received and spent by the state? Auditor

46 Who is the keeper of the state’s funds? He handles the money collected by state agencies and pays the bills approved by the auditor? Treasurer

47 Who is responsible for implementing legislation relating to agriculture, horticulture, and similar industries in West Virginia? Commissioner of Agriculture

48 Who represents the state in court cases and provides legal opinions and advise to state officials and county prosecuting attorneys? Attorney General

49 Who oversees the state’s Consumer Protection/Antitrust Division? Attorney General

50 In 1994 who was the second largest employer in the state? Government

51 The Judicial Branch is under the supervision of what court? Supreme court of appeals

52 What is the highest court in the state? Supreme court of appeals

53 Name the four major functions of the state court system. Hear and decide civil cases Protect constitutional rights of citizens Determine innocence or guilt of criminal acts Act as a check and balance on the other branches of government

54 How many justices are on the highest court? Five

55 What is the length of the term for justices of the Supreme Court of Appeals? Twelve-year term

56 The Supreme Court has the power to determine if state laws are constitutional, this power is known as what? Judicial review

57 What is West Virginia’s only trial court of record? Circuit court

58 There are 154 of these courts statewide. magistrate court

59 What is a city or town with a government called? Municipality

60 What is the basic purpose of any government? To provide services

61 The plan of revenue and expenditures is a what? Budget

62 What tax usually generates the largest amount of revenue for the state? Personal income tax

63 What kind of spending is prohibited by the West Virginia constitution? Deficit spending

64 What tax usually generates the second greatest amount of revenue for West Virginia? Sales tax

65 sometimes called luxury taxes, are levied on products such as beer, firearms, and gasoline. Excise tax

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