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Designing Learning.

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1 Designing Learning

2 Session Topics Purpose of needs assessment
Steps in conducting training needs assessment ADDIE Model

3 Needs Assessment What is a needs assessment?
Process of identifying how training can help an organization reach its goals.

4 Needs Assessment What is the purpose of a training needs assessment?
Analyze training requests in context of organization’s needs. Validates and augments initial issues. Ensures training supports employee performance and organization’s needs. Establishes foundation for evaluation.

5 Needs Assessment What are the steps in conducting a training needs assessment? Define the objectives. Identify the necessary data. Select a data-collection method. Collect the data. Analyze and confirm the data. Prepare the final report.

6 Needs Assessment Case Study
Based on the scenario, brainstorm the following steps: Step 2: Identifying the Necessary Data Step 3: Select the Data-Collection Method Create a list of data you’ll need and the methods with which to collect it.

7 Data Collection Methods
Assessments and Tests Performance Audit Work Samples Records and Reports Competency Modeling Observation Interviews Focus Groups Surveys Quantitative Data Qualitative Data

8 Considered a classic ISD model
The ADDIE Model Analysis Design Development Implementation Evaluation Occurs at every step Considered a classic ISD model

9 Next Session Theory of Rapid Instructional Design (RID)
Key differences among ISD models Gagne’s Nine Instructional Events Bloom’s Taxonomy and how it relates to writing learning objectives Components of learning objectives Cognition and Adult Learning Theory

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