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Glossing – Lesson 3 Omit English words that do not exist in ASL.

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1 Glossing – Lesson 3 Omit English words that do not exist in ASL

2 Lesson 3  There will be times when English words are not needed to convey a concept  Specifically a, an, the and to  To Be Verbs  When they appear only in a sentence omit them  Movies are fun  Can indicate tense (pasts, present, future)

3 Things to remember  Present progressive – currently ongoing  To Be verbs used with a verb ending in -ing  Change is, am, and are to the gloss word NOW  Is sleeping =  Are practicing =  Past progressive – ongoing in the past  To Be verbs used with a verb ending in -ing  Drop was or were  Context will tell that the sentence is past tense

4 Things to remember  Present perfect or past perfect  Has been ______ing or had been ______ing  Use the gloss word SINCE  Examples:  The baby has been eating well.  Past  The PAST sign indicates something occurred in the past  Continue  The CONTINUE sign indicates the action continues

5 Lesson 3A Examples  An apple is good for you.  The best students read the book.  They are bad, but my friend is good.

6 Lesson 3B Examples  My son can’t wait to see his cousin.  My uncle needs to control his dog.

7 Lesson 4 Using pronouns

8 Lesson 4A – Modifying personal pronouns  English  Subject pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, we, and they  Object pronouns: me, you, him, her it, us and them  ASL  I =  He =  She =  We =  They =  Gloss personal pronouns as ME, YOU, HE, SHE, IT, WE, THEY

9 Lesson 4B – Modifying Possessive Pronouns  Possessive nouns end with ‘s or s’  It is possible for adjectives to appear between the possessive noun and the thing associated with the noun.  The tree’s green leaves  Their team’s old bus  Gloss possessive nouns without ‘s or s’  Replace deleted ‘s or s’ with possessive pronoun  HIS, HERS, ITS, or THEIRS  If there is an adjective it should be glossed following the item it describes.

10 Examples:  Our principal’s responsibility  The interpreter’s skills.  The girl’s bicycle.  The tree’s green leaves.  Their team’s old bus.

11 Things to remember  In English the word her can be personal or possessive.  Give the book to her.  That is her book.  To help remember the difference gloss the personal “her” as SHE and the possessive “her” as HERS  Yours vs. yours plural  Gloss: YOURS or YOURS-pl

12 Things to remember  Pronouns are signed in space according to where the related noun is placed.  Only one referent = no notation  Second referent on the ND side = noun/pronoun-n  Third referent placed in a distinct place = noun/pronoun-cd or noun/pronoun-cn  Fourth referent = non used –cn or –cd  Example:  The father wants his son to go to bed.  Exception to the rule: Real space should reflect actual events

13 Lesson 4A - Examples  Please read for her.  I like him.

14 Lesson 4B - Examples  Is the boy’s bike broken?Q BOY HIS BIKE BREAK  Where are your teacher’s books?WHQ WHERE YOURS-pl TEACHER HIS BOOK+  The car near the tree is ours.

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