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Yesterday.... Things I did yesterday: I _____________the violin. I ____________. played studied.

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1 Yesterday...

2 Things I did yesterday: I _____________the violin. I ____________. played studied

3 I ________ an apple. I ________ yoga. I ________ to a concert. ate did went

4 Some things I didn’t do yesterday I didn’t _________ volleyball. I ________ ______ a test. play didn’t do

5 Where _________ you go last January? What _________ you do there? _______ you buy anything interesting? did Did I __________ to Gramado, RS. (go) I _________ lots of cool places. (visit) Yes, I _______ clothes and chocolates.(buy) went visited bought


7 * The simple past tense is one of the most common tenses in English. *Its form is the same with all subjects * It is usually formed by adding -ED to the verb

8 V E R B S R E G U L A R V E R B S I R R E G U L A R V E R B S

9 Verb ending in...How to make the simple pastExamples e We add -d Live - lived Consonant + y Change y to i, we add -ed try - tried One vowel + one consonant (but NOT w or y) Double the consonant, then we add -ed commit - committed [anything else] We add -ed boil - boiled fill - filled

10 Simple Past Tense awoke was, were became began caught ate Past Participle awoken been become begun caught eaten Present awake be become begin catch eat Some of the I rregular Verbs

11 They…………………(swim)in the pool last week. swam

12 My mother…………………(make) a cake yesterday. made

13 Tom and Jane……………(run) in the forest two days ago. ran

14 Jane…………………( phone ) her friend three hours ago. phoned

15 They…………………….(be) at the picnic last weekend. were

16 I……………(go) to a party yesterday. went I…………(meet) a new friend there. met

17 John …………………..( not / work ) yesterday. His family ………………….( not / be) at home. He ……………………( think ) his new car. Then, he ……………(sleep ) in the garden. didn’t work Weren’ t thought slept

18 Did she go shopping yesterday ? Yes, she did. / Yes, she went shopping yesterday.

19 Did you take your medicines last week? No,I didn’t take my medicines last week.

20 Did your grandmother clean the house yesterday ? No, she didn’t. She only watched television and ate chips in her living room yesterday.

21 What did the nurse bring for the patient ‘ Tom ‘ ? She brought the medicines for him.

22 When did Janet and Jim get married ? They got married three days ago.

23 Why didn’t you talk to each other at the party? Because we argued with each other two days ago. WHY ? BECAUSE ….

24 Why did John buy a gift and flowers for his wife ? Because he came home late yesterday evening.

25 Ha ha ha.. Ha ha ha… What did the frogs talk about ? They talked about the childhood of the frog ‘Kermit’.

26 Where did they play basketball ? They played basketball in the garden.

27 What time did the lesson start? It started at 08:30.


29 I went to Rome yesterday. She cleaned the house last week. We played two hours ago. We use the simple past for an action that began and ended in the past.

30 Past Simple Use – He came in, took off his coat and sat down. – I went into the disco and I saw my favourite girl, then I asked her to dance,... Actions that happened one after the other in the past (like in a story)

31 USAGE - When I was a child, I drank milk twice a day. -When he was young, he rode his bike to work. Habits in the Past

32 Time expressions Yesterday – Yesterday morning/afternoon/evening Two days ago – Two hours/weeks/months/years ago Last month – Last week/year/Friday/night In 2007 – In January

33 Now, fill in the blanks about my trip Last January I _______ to Gramado, RS with my sister. We ______ a plane to Porto Alegre and then a bus. We _______ in a very nice hotel in town. went took stayed

34 We __________(visit) lots of interesting places, like Canela, Caxias do Sul and Cambará. We also _______(buy) clothes and chocolates. We _________ (feel/neg.)hot because the climate there is wonderful. visited bought didn’t feel

35 We ________(stay) there for about one week. I _______(meet) and old friend and _______(make)others. We both _______(feel) sad when it finished. The trip back to Rio ________(be/neg.)very good because the plane _______(be) late. stayed met made felt wasn’t was

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