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The Human Body Review.

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1 The Human Body Review

2 Levels of Organization
Section 7- 4 Muscle cell muscle tissue Organ Organ system These Organ Systems function together to maintain homeostasis – a stable internal environment Go to Section:

3 The Integumentary System
A. Major Organs Skin Hair Nails B. Major Functions Protection – keeps moisture in and pathogens out Sensory input – nerves in skin allow you to sense your environment Temperature regulation – sweat produced by glands in the skin cool the body Waste removal – chemicals can be removed along with sweat

4 Muscular System Smooth Muscles- involuntary muscle that moves food through the digestive tract and controls blood flow. Skeletal Muscles-Work together with bones to provide movement for the body. Cardiac Muscle- Only found in the heart

5 Skeletal System Major Functions: Protection Support Mineral Storage
Works with muscles to provide movement

6 Nervous System Major Function: To control all activities of the body
Neurons- Nerve cells that transport signals Major organs: - Central Nervous System- Brain and Spinal Cord -Peripheral Nervous System- Nerves that relay messages between the CNS and the rest of your body


8 Digestive System Major Function: To break down food (mechanically and chemically) into molecules that the body can use. Organs: Mouth- mechanical and chemical digestion takes place Esophagus- tube leading to stomach Stomach- Mechanical and chemical digestion Small Intestines- Chemical digestion and absorbs Nutrients into blood stream Large Intestines- Absorbs water into blood stream


10 Respiratory System Major Functuion- To supply the cells of the body with oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide wastes Major organs: Trachea- tube that leads to the lungs Lungs- cavities that hold oxygen or carbon dioxide wastes Alveoli- sacs inside lungs where gas exchange takes place. Diaphragm- relaxes and contracts to draw oxygen into the lungs and expell carbondioxide out of the lungs.


12 Urinary System Filters harmful poisons from the body
Kidneys- filters the blood of harmful wastes

13 Circulatory System Transports material to and from the cells in the body. Organs- Blood- transports nutrients, oxygen and cellular wastes throughout the body using red blood cells Heart- Pumps blood through the vessels in the body Blood Vessels- Transport system Veins transport blood to heart Arteries transport blood away from the heart Capillaries- the exchange site at cells

14 Circulatory System Major Transport System of nutrients and wastes to and from every cell in the body.

15 Reproductive System To enable organisms to carry on life by producing offspring. Meiosis- The production of sex cells (gametes) which are haploid cells Female gamete- Eggs Male gamete- Sperm ALLOWS FOR GENETIC VARIATION!!!

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