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What is Chapter Affairs? Global View and Support –Leadership Forum –Chapter Executive Workshop –Chapter Awards Program Liaison between Chapters and ACC.

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2 What is Chapter Affairs? Global View and Support –Leadership Forum –Chapter Executive Workshop –Chapter Awards Program Liaison between Chapters and ACC (and within the College) –Facilitators, Not Gatekeepers Development consultant –Strategic planning –Chapter Executive search Resource Center –Institutional knowledge Staff liaisons Chapter Affairs Extranet –ACC tools Chapter Operations manual Membership database Member billing Financial management software Tool Kits –Programmatic support Quality Advocacy Education Communications Cardiovascular Leadership Institute (CLI)

3 **Your** Chapter Affairs Phone and Email –BOG Webinars –Chapter Executive Quarterly Calls –BOG Steering Monthly Calls –Chapter Affairs Staff Hotline: 1-800-375-5413 Online –Chapter Affairs Extranet –Weekly BOG Update In Person –Chapter Meetings –BOG Meetings January March September

4 Please call Chapter Affairs: New project initiation –Not project management Central Contact point –Communication involving multiple staff or departments Direction –When unsure of who to contact, let us be your liaison

5 Chapter Affairs Team Taryn Gold –Supports Chapter Staff and BOG Members RSVPs and BOG Meeting Logistics Chapter meeting coordination Governor elections Chapter dues Extranet resources Jayne Jordan –Assists new and emerging Chapters –Primary Staff liaison BOG –Steering Kristin Try –BOG and Chapters –External Affairs

6 Governance (n): “The organization and structure of authority and collaboration to allocate resources and coordinate activity.” ACC’s governance structure includes the Board of Trustees (BOT), national Committees and Workgroups, and the Board of Governors (BOG). Chapter governance includes the Council, Committee, Workgroup structure.

7 “15 Minutes/Day Rule” Governor Expectations Represent and meet the needs your constituency Actively participate in the Board of Governors (two way street) –Advise College/Members Leadership development Communicate: –Answer or forward/delegate phone calls, faxes, and emails on a timely basis Implement relevant ACC national initiatives Serve as key legislative contact for state and federal lobbying efforts Liaison with Advocacy staff on Chapter work Support the PAC and ACC File your disclosures online with ACC

8 “15 Minute Rule” Cnt’ Specific Duties Work with the Chapter representative on the ACC Carrier Advisory Committee Appoint members to state and regional boards, and national service groups Recommend members for ACC national service and awards Serve on an ACC national committee Participate on ACC BOG Listserv ( Respond to ACC National staff Attend the BOG meetings –Represent views from your state or area Participate in ACC convocation ceremonies Serve as Chair of the Governor Selection Committee


10 Critical Tools FAQs: General and Financial Resource Index Chapter Executives Best Practices Manual Goals and Strategy Leadership Development Leadership Transitions Councils Disclosures D&O Insurance Website Program Job Board Member Dues Member Database State and National Communications News You Can Use Grant Writing 101

11 The BOG Update


13 Chapter Operations Manual Policy and Administration –Chapter Executives Annual Review –Chapter Management Disclosure Document Management Policy RFP Process Finances and Operations –Budget Financial Management Fiscal Policy Development –Tax Exemption/Compliance Audit Management –Donor Fund Oversight Essentials –Non-Profit Corporate Status –Ethical and Legal Compliance –Risk Management D&O Insurance

14 The Chapter Check List 1# Tool Executed by your Chapter Executive Any questions, please contact Chapter Affairs

15 Policy and Administration 1 – 1 Chapter Executive Contracting 1 – 2 Conflict of Interest, Disclosure and Confidentiality Statements 1 – 3 Monthly Financial Forecasting 1 – 4 Chapter Executive Performance Review 1 – 5 Chapter Executive Performance Goals 2 – 1 RFP process 3 – 1 ACC Chapter Document and Information Management Policy

16 Finances and Operations 4 – 1 Appointment of Accounting Firms 4 – 2 Audits and Audit Management 4 – 3 External Fiscal Compliance 4 – 4 Overseeing Reserves, Investment Funds, Donor Restricted Funds, and Excess Working Capital 5 – 1 Budget Preparation 5 – 2 Calendar Year Budget 5 – 3 Fiscal Policies and Compliance 5 – 4 Investment and Cash Management Policy

17 Essentials 6 – 1 IRS Determination Letter 6 – 2 Corporate Statue 6 – 3 Federal Tax Identification Number 6 – 4 Corporate Status 6 – 5 Bylaws Filing with ACC National 6 – 6 Bylaws Review 6 – 7 Bylaws Website Posting 7 – 1 D&O Insurance 8 – 1 Ethical and legal compliance 8 – 2 Harassment Policy 8 – 3 Whistleblower Policy

18 Top Highlights Chapter Executives Annual Review Goal Setting Chapter Management Finances –Budget –Audit Management Law –Disclosures –Tax Exemption –Ethical and Legal Compliance –Risk Management –D&O Insurance

19 Be Proactive Take Responsibility for Management: –Financial and Legal obligations Communicate with your Chapter Executive Review the Checklist in the Operations Manual Be Familiar with the Tools: –Ask for new tools as needed! Communicate with Your: –Chapter Executive –Council –Chapter Affairs

20 Contact Information Taryn Gold, Senior Specialist, Chapters & BOG Ext. 6248 Jayne Purcell Jordan, Director, BOG & Chapters Ext. 6609 Kristin L. Try, Senior Director, Governance & External Relations Ext. 6696

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