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Theme design package design trends fonts and color.

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1 theme design package design trends fonts and color

2 A theme is a… unifying concept coverage catalyst tone & mood enhancer set of words (verbal) graphic packaging (visual) method of story-telling

3 Think verbally Understand & dissect theme/concept Interpret key words & their ability to unfold the story of the year Explore synonym/antonym words & phrases for potential integration Determine the writing style & the copy treatments that will best communicate your theme/concept

4 Visually appealing Make the best photo & graphic choices: promotes sign of the times provides mass appeal creates isolated elements shows tone & mood indicates reader recognition allows for inclusivity enhances overall concept

5 Layer your theme: Tell the story in multiple ways Echo verbal & visual formats repeat words & phrases repeat/reflect shapes or graphic tools Incorporate in coverage plan Marry content with design process Vary the methods of incorporation Create elements & designs that are “this book” specific

6 Visual layering Develops concept & offers reader cues In photos: content size, shape, positioning, packaging In type: font, style, size, case, placement In graphics: lines, shapes, textures, color, white space In color: lines, shapes, graphics, backgrounds





11 Verbal layering Repeating & relating words Use for identification/labels with… quote boxes, info-graphs, photo collections Guide questions for… quotes, headlines, copy formats




15 Design specific terms for a DPS Layout (template for each page) Structure (column division) Dominance (focal point of the page) Contrast (visual interest created by variety) Eyeflow/Eyeline (keeps the reader interacting w/content) Linkage (visually links two facing pages) These elements should be a part of the page designing process.

16 See Design PowerPoint

17 Design Trends 1.Flat Design 2.Typographic Contrast 3.Distortion 4.Playfulness 5.Hand Lettering/Letterbox





22 Using typography to enhance content establish a hierarchy of sizes from large to small Structure (column division) resist the urge to use a lot of fonts; vary weight, case and color to create different looks Contrast (visual interest created by variety) combine two contrasting fonts [serif and sans serif; thick and thin] readers should notice the words not the lettering itself



25 Examples from Web Design examples-of-beautiful-typeface-combinations-in-web- design/

26 Color properties Warm & cool Red/yellow/orange & blue/green/violet Monochromatic Complementary Analogous-similar Color palettes Tints & shades

27 Color strategies Number of colors Type & palette selection Strategic content enhancement Echoing Complementing Contrasting Trademarking Concerns Busy, distracting colors & combinations Tint & shade adjustments

28 Color Resources Jostens Color Guide Pantone Color Trends/Predictions Infographic on Color Meanings Color Psychology http://media-cache- dae5d.jpg Color Wheel Handout

29 Theme activity: Evaluate your 2013 book for thematic concepts (see below). How well did you do? What can you add to your 2014 book to bring your theme together? cover fonts color graphics design repeated ideas/concepts anything else?


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