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Let’s talk about Internet Safety!

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1 Let’s talk about Internet Safety!
By: Price Signaigo

2 Benefits on the Internet
The Internet can be fun and resourceful if used correctly in and out of the classroom The Internet is a wonderful differentiation tool The Internet provides access to an amazing number of constantly updated and expanding resources and an incredible wealth of information Students can research information on the Web, discuss what they find with classmates and even back and forth with student’s in other classrooms

3 Dangers of the Internet
Stranger Danger It’s never a good idea to give out any of your personal information over the computer, like your full name, address, phone number, or even your address Don’t give out your password to anyone Identity theft Watch out for hackers Technical difficulties

4 Tips for Students Taking Online Courses
Make sure that you have a plan for dealing with technical issues before the semester starts Make connections in your online class just as you would with a physical class by exchanging s, IMs and phone numbers Remember that you can still contact your professor if you need help The typical recommendation for a college course is to reserve two to three hours outside of class per credit hour

5 How do I use my computer at home and at school?
Never give out your full personal name Never write to someone who has made you feel scared or uncomfortable Do not meet someone that you have talked to on the Internet without permission from your parents

6 Learn the 4 R’S RECOGNIZE techniques used by online predators to deceive REFUSE requests for personal information RESPOND assertively if you are ever in an uncomfortable situation online. Exit the program, log off or turn off the computer, tell a trusted adult, or call the police REPORT to a trusted adult any suspicious or dangerous contact that makes you feel uncomfortable

7 Just for Student’s Guard your identifying information (name, sex, age, address, school, teams). It only takes a little information for a predator to identify you. Always remember, responsible adults do not pursue relationships with kids and teens. Make your username generic and anonymous. Make your online profile generic and anonymous. Know how to exit an inappropriate website. Attachments in s from strangers can contain Viruses and Worms. Pictures are great to hand to a friend, but it's not cool to send them to an Internet 'friend.' Posting your picture on the Internet gives hackers the chance to doctor your picture and make fun of you to everyone on the World Wide Web. Chat room 'friends' are not always who they say they are. Know the rules about Intellectual Property. Do not illegally download music and movies

8 Internet Safety's 5 Tips for Creating a Cybersafe Home
1. Become a net-savvy parent 2. "Chat" with your kids 3. Agree on a Game Plan 4. Protect your computer 5. Explore the Internet as a family

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