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Kids’ Carbon Credits Buy Green Energy And Blue Sky.

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1 Kids’ Carbon Credits Buy Green Energy And Blue Sky

2 Forest Ridge Elementary A Premier Green School Presented by the Students of Teacher Laurie Aguirre 2006

3 Global Warming is a BIG Problem for People and Animals Average global temperature has increased by almost 2ºF over the past century Scientists expect the average global temperature to increase an additional 2 to 6ºF over the next one hundred years.

4 The Earth Warms At the peak of the last ice age (18,000 years ago), the temperature was only 7ºF colder than it is today, and glaciers covered much of North America!glaciers

5 Carbon added to the atmosphere creates a “blanket” that keeps the heat in close to the earth, instead of being released into space. This is called the “Greenhouse Effect”.

6 Car Exhaust Emits Pollution Into Our Atmosphere –Carbon Pollution or Co2 comes from our vehicles and other sources –Other forms of transportation reduce the amount of emissions per person – try public transportation or vehicles designed for lower emissions. –If this does not work for you, is there another possibility?

7 That is Why the Students of Forest Ridge Started Kids’ Carbon Credits

8 What is a Kids’ Carbon Credit?

9 Kids’ Carbon Credits are Cool!!!

10 Kids’ Carbon Credits Let Us Pay for Our Pollution When you use any fossil fuel based products or burn fuel to run a car, a byproduct is pollution. But in America we don’t pay the full cost of cleaning up the emissions – for example the stuff that comes out of the tailpipe of a car (Co2 POLLUTION).

11 How Does a Carbon Credit Help the Atmosphere? It allows you to voluntarily“offset” or pay for some of the pollution created by using fossil fuels. You can buy a carbon credit for one dollar. And Be a Responsible Consumer of the Earth’s Resources ……………………………..

12 You Can Buy as Many as You Like!!! IT ALL ADDS UP TO A CLEANER ATMOSPHERE!

13 What Do Kids’ Carbon Credits Buy? Green Energy and Blue Sky. –Your dollars will go to the ClimateTrust. –They will make sure that it buys renewable energy and carbon “offset” projects.

14 What Are Sources of Renewable Energy ? Wind Solar Ocean Hydroelectric (that doesn’t hurt fish!) Geothermal Biomass Fuel Cell Wind Turbine and Solar Panels

15 Renewable Energy Does not contribute to the “Greenhouse Effect” Renewable/Sustainable Energy Sources = GREEN ENERGY & BLUE SKY

16 Another reason to choose renewable energy sources is: The world’s fossil fuels are being used up quickly !! There is little left for our current earth population and even less for future generations.

17 Kid’s Carbon Credits Promote“Energy Independence”Kid’s Carbon Credits Promote“Energy Independence” America uses 25% of the world’s oil supply. Only a small part is from our country. This means we have to rely on nature and other governments to run our schools, cars, factories, and homes. That can be bad for our families because we have to pay more for fuel and energy.

18 America by far, uses the most fossil fuels of all countries on earth, but China’s use is also increasing at a great rate! (This is another reason to help everyone to use renewable, clean energy.)

19 What can we do??? Buy Kids’ Carbon Credits!! You are investing in our independence from fossil fuels and supporting sustainable forms of energy for tomorrow’s children and all life on earth.

20 Ask your local gas station or retail store about “Kids’ Carbon Credits” Your opportunity to purchase Kids’ Carbon Credits is coming soon! Please join us in expanding this program to include your community. Contact Laurie Aguirre at Forest Ridge Elementary for more information about how you can become involved! 503.399.5548 (title subject: Need Kids’ Carbon Credits Info)

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