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Belle Vernon Area School District Online Summer School Orientation Meeting July 2, 2014 1.

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1 Belle Vernon Area School District Online Summer School Orientation Meeting July 2, 2014 1

2 Today’s Agenda Overview of the Summer School Program Student Responsibilities Working in the Moodle Environment Computer Lab Availability at BVAHS 2

3 Online Summer School Purpose Provide students with an opportunity to: earn credits toward graduation work in a 21 st century learning environment have flexibility in the summer schedule Summer Course Dates All courses begin on July 7, 2014 and end on August 8, 2014 3

4 Online Summer School Grading and Monitoring Progress The teacher’s syllabus will outline specific grading procedures for the course. In the Moodle environment, you have access to view grades you received for assignments that you submitted. End of course grades will be sent to respective guidance counselors upon completion of the course. 4

5 Online Summer School Internet Safety Guidelines You received this document upon entering the building. It explains your responsibility in working in an online environment. YOU MUST READ THE DOCUMENT. Please read and submit to Mr. Grice before you leave this afternoon. 5

6 Student Responsibilities Students work at their own pace and must be responsible for submitting work to the teacher on time. Teachers will be available via E-mail and Moodle. Students must be proactive in contacting the teacher if they have questions or need help either during office hours or through email. Some teachers have made themselves available during face-to-face meeting times or during outlined office hours. Students who need help may take advantage of this. 6

7 Student Responsibilities Some courses will require students to take a midterm and final exam at the school. Students from schools other than Belle Vernon Area may be permitted to take the exams at their home district under the supervision of their principal or guidance counselor. The student is responsible for making the arrangements to take exams at their home districts. Send to: 425 Crest Ave.; Belle Vernon, PA 15012 Students need to READ each course syllabus for information about teacher office hours, face-to-face meetings, grade procedures, assignment procedures, etc. All work submitted in the online environment is date and time-stamped. Teachers can see when and for how long students are logged into the Moodle site, and how many times documents/assignments are viewed. 7

8 Student Responsibilities Create a folder on your home computer’s desktop to save all course assignments. Save your course assignments to a flash drive when coming to BVAHS (or E-mail documents to yourself) to work on assignments. The online learning environment is challenging. You must be a motivated individual. You will have many more distractions than you would if in a traditional classroom. You need to manage your time wisely. Suggestion: create a Google Account to save everything to the Cloud. 8

9 Parent Responsibilities Course, Assignment or Grading Questions: Contact Teacher Technical Questions: WIU Help Desk 1-888-836-2269 Or text requests to (724) 804-8102 Place this number in your cell phone at this time! 9

10 10 BVA eAcademy

11 11

12 12

13 13 Assignments and Grades

14 14 Will list date and time submitted and grade received for each assignment

15 Belle Vernon Area H.S. Computer Lab Availability Can be scheduled as needed. Email Mr. Grice at: 15

16 Orientation Work Session During this session, you will: Learn about course requirements Log onto the Moodle site using the username: firstname.lastname Password: changeme Review the Moodle course setup View the Moodle Tutorials provided at BVA eAcademy Summer School Resource Page Ask questions 16

17 Moodle Online Learning Access to the Moodle site: http://summerschool. 17

18 Let’s Take a Tour of Moodle Please read the Internet Safety and Acceptable Use Policy Please take this opportunity to enter the Moodle environment and become familiar. Please work through the Orientation Course: http://summerschool. Search BVA Orientation Enrollment Key: BVA You are released to login and work 18

19 Thank You for Coming This Morning! 19

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