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RESULTS - CONSOLIDATED (R$ MILLION)2Q102Q11Chg. %1H101H11Chg. % NET REVENUE 188.9212.012.2%359.0418.016.4% EBITDA39.045.616.8%76.588.715.9% EBITDA MARGIN20.6%20.9%0.3p.p21.3%20.1%-1.2p.p.

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Presentation on theme: "RESULTS - CONSOLIDATED (R$ MILLION)2Q102Q11Chg. %1H101H11Chg. % NET REVENUE 188.9212.012.2%359.0418.016.4% EBITDA39.045.616.8%76.588.715.9% EBITDA MARGIN20.6%20.9%0.3p.p21.3%20.1%-1.2p.p."— Presentation transcript:


2 RESULTS - CONSOLIDATED (R$ MILLION)2Q102Q11Chg. %1H101H11Chg. % NET REVENUE 188.9212.012.2%359.0418.016.4% EBITDA39.045.616.8%76.588.715.9% EBITDA MARGIN20.6%20.9%0.3p.p21.3%20.1%-1.2p.p \\ Consolidated Net Revenue 12.2% higher compared to 2Q10; \\ EBITDA 1 growth of 16.8% over the same period in 2010; \\ Consolidated Net Income² of R$ 33.2 million, up 43.4% on 2Q10; \\ Revenue growth of 16.4% in 1H11 compared to 1H10, exceeding expectations. ¹EBITDA adjusted for non-recurring expenses ²Net Income adjusted for deferred Income Tax and Social Contribution obligation and non-recurring expenses 2

3 NET REVENUE AND EBITDA MIX IN 2Q11 \\ Revenue mix similar to 2Q10. However, products with greater value added accounted for a higher share of revenue. \\ More balanced mix than in 2Q10; \\ Significant increase in share of Payment Means segment due to the increase in volume of bank smart cards; 3

4 PAYMENT MEANS – RESULTS (R$ MILLION)2Q102Q11Chg. %1H101H11Chg. % NET REVENUE 83.698.617.9%160.2199.324.4% EBITDA7.915.393.7%13.130.4132.1% EBITDA MARGIN 9.4%15.5%6.1p.p8.2%15.3%7.1p.p VOLUME (CARDS) 47.844.7-6,581,093,615,6 \\ Net revenue reached R$98.6 million, up 17.9% on 2Q10; \\ EBITDA reached R$15.3 million in 2Q11, 93.7% higher than the R$7.9 million reported in 2Q10; \\ Volume decreased 6.5%, but did not affect revenue and EBITDA due to the sale of products with higher value added; \\ The migration from magnetic stripes to various types of technologies using chip will be one of the drivers of revenue growth in the coming years. 4

5 IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS – RESULTS (R$ MILLION)2Q102Q11Chg. %1H101H11Chg. % NET REVENUE 56.661.18.0%109.9119.18.4% EBITDA20.419.1- 6.6%41.038.3- 6.7% EBITDA MARGIN 36.0%31.2%- 4.8p.p37.7%32.1%- 5.2p.p VOLUME (DOCUMENTS ISSUED) 3.63.4-5.6%7.56.8-9.3% \\ Net Revenue was 8.0% higher over 2Q10 and 5.3% over 1Q11; \\ EBITDA decreased 6.6% from 2Q10 but remained practically stable in comparison with 1Q11; \\ Despite the reduction in volumes, Net Revenue increased due to the increased scope of services (biometrics) \\ Change in São Paulo State Traffic Department (DETRAN SP)s management structure to streamline the process. It is expected that yet restrained volumes will come to regular levels in the coming months. \\ We expect a volume recovery in the coming quarters of 2011. 5

6 TELECOMMUNICATIONS- RESULTS (R$ MILLION)2Q102Q11Chg. %1H101H11Chg. % NET REVENUE 48.752.37.4%88.999.612.0% EBITDA 1 10.711.24.7%22.420.0- 10.7% EBITDA MARGIN 2 22.0%19.1%- 2.9 p.p25.2%15.3%- 9.9p.p VOLUME (CARDS) \\ Net Revenue increased 7.4% between the quarters; \\ EBITDA totaled R$11.2 million, up 4.7% on 2Q10 and 27.3% on 1Q11; \\ Volume of SIM Cards increased 42.2% over 2Q10; \\ Expected market share by the end of 2011 is at least 25.% 6

7 CASH POSITION Position in 2Q11R$ million Opening Cash Balance 124.8 Operating Cash Flow 36.1 Capex (5.2) Share Buyback (3.5) Dividends / Interest on Equity (10.8) Loans and Financing (47.1) Others (0,1) Closing Cash Balance94.2 7

8 CASH POSITION R$ millionDebentures Gross Debt146.80 R$ 180 million Cash94.20 Issue: April 2008 Net Debt52.60 1 st installment: April 2011 Net Debt / EBITDA*0.28 Remuneration: CDI + 1.5% p.a. EBITDA* / Financial Expense*12.18 Maturity: 5 years Grace Period: 3 years Covenants - Net Debt / EBITDA 2.5 - EBITDA / Financial Expenses 2.0 8

9 2011 OUTLOOK 1. Digital Certification –Follow up 2. Dividends 3. Acquisition 4. Guidance 2011 9

10 DISCLAIMER This release contains forward-looking statements relating to the business prospects, estimates of operating and financial results, and those related to the growth prospects of Valid. These are merely projections and, as such, are based exclusively on the expectations of Valids management concerning the future of the business and its continuous access to capital to finance the Companys business plan. Such forward-looking statements depend substantially on changes in market conditions, government regulations, competitive pressures, performance of the sector and the Brazilian economy, among other factors, besides the risks presented in the documents disclosed and filed by Valid and are, therefore, subject to change without prior notice. 10

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