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A successful strategy you can “like”

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1 A successful strategy you can “like”
Social Media A successful strategy you can “like” 2015 GAIE Winter Conference Jeckyll Island, Georgia Presented by: Brett M. Reichert Georgia State University ISSS

2 Overview Introduction Definition & Short History of Social Media
Research GSU’s Plan & Results Helpful Tips Scorecard & Q/A

3 Introduction Section I of 6 Q1 Social Media is about sociology and
psychology more than technology.  - Brain Solis, Principal at FutureWorks Q1

4 Definition & Short History of Social Media
Section 2 of 6 LinkedIn is for working people you know. Facebook is for people you used to know. Twitter is for people you want to know. Instragram is for people no one knows. - Unknown

5 What is Social Media? Electronic communication tools by which users / participants create online communities to share information, ideas, messages and other content in various forms (text, photos, audio, and videos). - Merriam-Webster online Q2

6 1982

7 Where did social media start?
1970 First sent 1980 Birth of the “Screen Name” 1990s Blogging takes form 2000 Friendster! “Social Media” is born. 2003 Linkedin links Professionals 2004 Myspace* is King 2004 Facebook is born 2005 Youtube joins the party 2006 Twitter gets of the ground 2008 Spotify makes music sharing social 2010 Instagram, Pinterest and Vine join the party Where did social media start?

8 From Research Section 3 of 6
The goal of social media is to turn all readers into your personal evangelist. - Shane Barker Q3

9 What are they on?

10 The Honeycomb Framework H. Kietzmann, Jan; Kristopher Hermkens (2011)
The Honeycomb Framework  H. Kietzmann, Jan; Kristopher Hermkens (2011). "Social media? Get serious! Understanding the functional building blocks of social media". Business Horizons54: 241–251. doi: /j.bushor 7 functional building blocks to Social Media: Identity Conversations Sharing Presence Relationships Reputation Groups The average smart phone user checks Facebook 14 times a day.

11 What About Retention? Corie Martin, PhD Candidate Manager, Creative Web Services Western Kentucky University. “A lot of what I hear is that a lack of resources—human, financial, and time—are to blame, but from my personal experience, it doesn’t take a huge team of people to experience success with social media outreach.”   Q4

12 What About Costs? Q6 Social Media is free.
Social Media Marketing is not free. FB spends $35million / month on hosting. Consider the cost of recruiting, enrolling and advising a student. Consider the cost of losing this student. Q6 / January 2011

13 GSU ISSS’s Plan & Results
Section 4 of 6 Facebook photo and video posts take up 27% of all web traffic today. -

14 Characteristics of the Plan: It is
A Document Named Dated Organized Guided Flexible Q7 July


16 Helpful Tips Q8 Section 5 of 7
There are approximately 1.7 million Facebook “likes” every minute. Approximately 70% of all Facebook users are outside the U.S. - Google

17 Q9 Add link to email signature and newsletters (if applicable)
Post signage on bulletin boards, front desk, your desk Ask, Remind, Show, Encourage not Require Use ALL CAPS to categorize posts (75% of students use smartphones, not computers to view social media) Photos of real students get the most shares and likes Google Searched Images are Public Domain Highlight Student Accomplishments Embed hyperlinks and videos into posts, if relevant Most viewed time of day: right after waking up & early afternoon Avoid important posts after 2pm and Fridays Make the Ask… but KIS – Keep it Simple Don’t forget to like other department pages Q9

18 Your Score & Questions Q10
Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble. - Ian Schafer, Deep Focus


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