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How to write a Resume.

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1 How to write a Resume

2 Resume A summary of work experience, education, abilities, interests and other information that may be of interest to an employer Goal Show responsibility Give examples of accomplishments Show ability to solve problems

3 Why is a good resume important?
The average time a manager takes to scan a resume is 20 seconds Money spent on education and training could be lost without a good resume

4 Resume basics Neat and easy to read Name clearly visible across top
Categories should stand out Use vocabulary and language of target audience Be honest, positive and specific

5 Resume basics Don’t use sentence format, other than as you write your Professional Profile Proofread carefully Use numbers to illustrate a point Responsible for the supervision of 15 people Ran an event that served 1,000 guests

6 Assignment: Create your own resume
Hand out resume guidelines Create an outline for yourself as we go through parts together

7 Parts of a Resume Heading - required Name Address
permanent and current address should be included Phone Number voice mail or an answering machine with a professional recorded message

8 Parts of a Resume Professional Profile
Brief summary of where you are at in your professional life Only portion of Resume that is in sentence format Opportunity to expand on skills or traits that make you an exceptional candidate for employment

9 Professional Profile Example
Honor-roll student with extensive tutoring experience. Create worksheets and practice exams to improve students' grades by an average of 10 points in Algebra I, Algebra II and Pre-Calculus. Praised for ability to break down problems and clearly communicate mathematical concepts.

10 Parts of a Resume Education - required
Your most recent educational experience should be listed first. Include your degree (A.S., B.S., B.A.) major Institution attended Date of graduation If you are in the middle of receiving a degree write “expected graduation date XXXX” Minors or concentrations Special workshops, seminars, coursework, or senior projects A G.P.A. higher than 3.0 should be noted

11 Example 1990-1995 Utah State University
Old Main Hill Logan, UT (435) Cumulative GPA Degree: BS in Education Major: Social Studies Composite Minor: Coaching Weber High School 430 W Weber High Dr Ogden, UT (801)

12 Parts of a Resume Work History– required
Record of the jobs you have held and how long you stayed with an employer Name and address of the organization Dates of employment Identify the position held Describe your work responsibilities with action words List the most important and related responsibilities first

13 Example Kirt’s Family Drive-in Jeff Stowe 1974 N 400 E Ogden, UT (801) Employed Positions: Night Manager- Responsible for 4 other employees and locking up restaurant Cook- organized and cooked orders Server- delivered orders and received payment

14 Parts of a resume Skills/Awards
Identify skills that would strengthen you as a candidate for the job being applied for. What can you do for an employer? For each skill, write a one line statement that clearly and concisely describes how you have used and developed the skill in the past Skills could include things such as knowledge of software, foreign languages, leadership, teamwork, etc. Church youth leader

15 Example Fluent in Spanish
Demonstrated ability to work well with others while member of FHS football team Gained firm understanding of Microsoft Office programs Received CPR Certification Developed leaderships abilities while serving as Student Council President

16 Action Statements Part-Time Job
Assisted in training 3 new employees during a 2-week period Received the May employee of the month award Supervised daily operations of 4 employees Created monthly work schedules

17 Action Statements Farm-Hand
Managed and maintained the livestock feed for 150 cattle Operated heavy machinery while harvesting grains, hay and sugar beets Responsible for planting, maintaining, and harvesting 500 acres of hay

18 Parts of a Resume Honors, Awards, Activities, Volunteer Work - optional If the activities involved work responsibility, note it in some detail. Elected to offices or committees Include dates

19 Action Statements Extra-Curricular Activities
Participated in the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) club as a member in a chapter of 32 students. Conducted weekly meetings utilizing Roberts Rules of Orders. Developed and managed a $6,000 budget for the Business Professionals of America.

20 Parts of a Resume References –required
List of people who will speak highly of you References should be available as an attachment “References Available upon Request” under Reference title 3-5 references Information to include name of the person their job title Address phone number address Always ask for reference’s permission

21 The Do Not list Do Not include the following Personal Information
Your weight, height, social security number, birth date, or marital status A photograph Salary histories Reasons for leaving past jobs Hobbies, activities, and memberships not related to the job being applied for

22 Presentation One to two pages in length (preferably one)
Neat and easy to read Free of staples and folds

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