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Marketing Process of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.

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1 Marketing Process of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service

2 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-2 Objectives  List the steps to identify the target market  Explain the process for segmenting the market  Describe the elements to be included in a formal presentation  List ways to package a property  Understand how to obtain financing

3 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-3 Identifying The Target Market  Two stage effort  Highest and best use identified  Selection of target individuals syndicates investors developers

4 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-4 The Segmented Market  List of prospective, qualified buyers  Other determinants location buyer demographics overall market scale

5 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-5 Qualified Buyers  Previous client contacts  Fellow brokers

6 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-6 Group Activity 8-1

7 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-7 Selling The Seller  Adopt seller’s point of view  Contacts?  Use firm that sold property  Recommendations  Reputation

8 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-8 Firm Image  Logos  Signs  Correspondence  Internet presence  Advertisements

9 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-9 Packaging The Property  Property is available  Why it should be considered lowest price largest / smallest closest most quiet / picturesque utilities

10 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-10 Marketing Campaign  Signs on property  Newspaper / publication advertisements  Direct mail  Website  MLS  Radio / TV

11 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-11 Package  Formal presentation  Brochure  Advertising

12 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-12 Formal Presentation  Physical location soils drainage topography improvements access (transportation and utilities)

13 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-13 Formal Presentation  Economic price terms taxes yields (crop base) local markets comparable sales projected income actual operating figures

14 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-14 Formal Presentation  Legal matters legal description name of owner encumbrances zoning water and mineral rights date of possession easements permitted uses

15 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-15 Formal Presentation  Social schools fire protection law enforcement

16 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-16 Contents  Table of contents  Listing of major property factors  Description and price  Analysis of land and improvements  Income analysis  Location analysis  Statement of limiting conditions

17 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-17 Brochure and Advertising  Brochure — Summarizes formal presentation  Advertising institutional firm name property

18 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-18 Property Advertising  Signs  Letters  Newspapers and other publications  Electronic media (no spam)

19 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-19 Securing Financing  Sources Farm Credit System (FLCAs, ACAs, etc) sellers commercial banks life insurance companies

20 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-20 Module 8 Review  List steps to identify lawful target market property analysis select target buyer

21 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-21 Module 8 Review  Explain process for segmenting the market geographic demographic scale

22 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-22 Module 8 Review  Describe the elements to be included in the formal presentation attractive photos physical economic legal social

23 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-23 Module 8 Review  List several ways to package property formal presentation brochure advertising  Advertising institutional, firm name, and property

24 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-24 Module 8 Review  How to obtain financing Farm Credit System sellers commercial banks life insurance companies

25 RLI - AgriLand Brokerage and Marketing8-25 Self Assessment Questions  The two stages of marketing are.  Which is an item contributing to firm’s image.  The three types of advertising are.  Physical data about the property includes what.  Sources of farm and ranch loans.  What is an ACA.

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