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EDUCATION INITIATIVE The Next Generation Cosumnes River College.

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1 EDUCATION INITIATIVE The Next Generation Cosumnes River College

2 EDUCATION INITIATIVE –Diop Scholars Program Cohort model: Human Career Development and English Writing Focused on African American student experience –Freshman Seminar Transitions to college class New materials to support students Fall 2006 Interventions

3 EDUCATION INITIATIVE GPA for Freshman Seminar students increased over the course of the study What have we learned?

4 EDUCATION INITIATIVE Enhanced persistence continued What have we learned?

5 EDUCATION INITIATIVE Broad Dialogue about Programs –Included a review of the quantitative and qualitative assessments of programs –Included faculty, staff and students –Included a review of best practices Our Response

6 EDUCATION INITIATIVE Key changes in Diop –Reflect identified effective practices –Linked program to statewide efforts –Added new classes – Speech and a more basic Human Career Development class –Strengthened co-curricular component –Added a peer mentoring component Our Response

7 EDUCATION INITIATIVE Key Changes in Freshman Seminar –Curriculum changes Increased unit level Transferable class that meets CSU Life Skills GE area Discipline specific –Adjusted number of sections to meet the needs of students –Second edition of guide book Our Response

8 Educational Initiative Increased GPA for Fall 2007 Freshman Seminar Cohort compared to Fall 2006 (n = 60) Increased GPA for Spring 2007 Diop compared to Fall 2006 (n = 42) Impact of Changes

9 EDUCATION INITIATIVE –New Programs 07-08 Bridge to Basic Skills –Math Redesign Colleagues Committed to Redesign (C2R) (n = 64) »Computer Assisted Instruction for skill and concept development, mastery of core competencies »Collaborative Group activities to facilitate critical thinking, synthesis, reinforcement –Intervention Specialists to support students Our Response (cont.)

10 Education Initiative Early Results for C2R –Enhanced retention through 4 th week census (62.2% vs. 43.3%) –Enhanced mastery of core competencies (51.2% vs. 39.7%) –Enhanced confidence in learning (65.5% rated learning as better than previous)

11 EDUCATION INITIATIVE –Institutionalize existing initiatives via the Basic Skills initiative –Enhanced Orientation opportunities –Increased research capacity –Create Math Study Skills Linked Course –Implement new Basic Skills plan: Enhanced course alignment Create a decentralized highly coordinated program Professional development for all faculty Next Steps FALL 08-09

12 Conclusion Collaboration and shared leadership is key to effective and responsive change Student engagement is common and key to effective strategies Our initiatives are generating regional and statewide interest Lessons Learned

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