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1 CASE STUDIES IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT Lecture 3 Project management methodologies.

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1 1 CASE STUDIES IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT Lecture 3 Project management methodologies

2 2 Project Cycle Management Logical Framework Approach

3 3 Project Cycle Management Identification ReviewingMonitoring Implementation Evaluation Project design

4 4 Goal Oriented Project Planning Methodology based on: Problem analysis Cause and effect relationship Objectives definition GOPP phases Context analysis Project planning

5 5 Context Analysis Sub-steps: Problem analysis Objectives analysis Identification of objectives and assessment of alternatives

6 6 Problem Tree Problem Analysis Example: focus on manufacturing sector, fighting pollution, and the obstacles for adaptation by smaller one enterprise

7 7 How to build a problem tree 1.Identify major problems existing within a given situation 2.Select an individual starter problem 3.Look for related problems to the starter problem: 4.Establish hierarchy of cause and effects: Problems which are directly causing the starter problems are put below Problems which are direct effects of the starter problem are put above 5.Complete with all other problems accordingly 6.Connect the problems with cause-effect arrows 7.Review the diagram and verify its validity and completeness

8 8 Objectives Tree Objectives Analysis

9 9 How to build an objectives tree 1.Reformulate all negative situations of the problems analysis into positive situations, goals. 2.Check the means-ends relationships 3.If necessary: - revise statements - add new objectives - delete objectives which do not seem suitable, convenient or necessary

10 10 Identification of objectives and assessment of alternatives

11 11 Check list 1. Collection of figures and information Did we adequately interview beneficiaries? Have well defined problems and its effects? Have we look for different actors? Have we considered all relevant statistical sources? 2. Problems definition Have we understood what is the beneficiaries’ problem? Are problems clearly exposed? 3. Logic connection among problems and among objectives Is there the right connection between causes and effects?

12 12 Project planning Two sub-steps: choice of fields of action definition of the project with the Logical Frame

13 13 Logical Framework Approach Key steps in the Logical Framework Approach: General scope and focus Planning framework, terminology and design process Situation analysis Project strategy Assumptions and risks Monitoring and evaluation framework

14 14 Logical Framework Matrix Intervention Logic Verifiable Indicators Means of Verification Important Assumptions Goal-- Purpose Outputs Activities Preconditions

15 15 Assumptions in Logical Framework Goals Project Purpose Outputs Activities Preconditions Assumptions + + +

16 16 Project planning steps General problem identification Identification of beneficiaries problems and of context problems Creation of the problem tree Creation of the objectives tree Clustering of objectives Choice of one or more clusters to focus on Definition of the project purpose Definition of overall objectives Definition of the results/outputs Definition of activities Identification of assessments Definition of indicators

17 17 Reports Progress reports Activity section Financial section Final report Summary of activities Main results Partners contribution

18 18 Project closure Start-up phase Implementation phase Project closure A project can be considered closed when: Managing Authority accepted formally all outputs Documentation and reference material is in place Actions and recommendations are documented and disseminated All expenditures have been paid and certified.

19 19 Communication methods MethodPurpose Institution newsletterΑwareness – Inform Project web siteΑwareness – Inform – Promote Press releasesΑwareness Flyers / brochuresΑwareness Conference presentationsEngage – Promote Conference postersEngage – Promote WorkshopsEngage Journal articlesInform Reports and other documents Inform

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