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Introduction to Mobile Computing CSE 390 Fall 2010.

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1 Introduction to Mobile Computing CSE 390 Fall 2010

2 The quest for portability

3 Car Phone (1956)

4 Compaq Portable (1983)

5 Apple Macintosh (1984)

6 Newton MessagePad PDA (1993)

7 Palm Pilot (1996)

8 Apple iBook (1999)

9 Blackberry Smartphone (2002)

10 Netbooks (c. 2007)

11 One Laptop Per Child (2007)

12 iPhone (2007)

13 Android Nexus One (2010)

14 iPad (2010)

15 What makes a device portable? The upper bound for the device’s dimensions is 8.5 X 11 inches, and about 1 inch thick The device should weigh less than a few pounds, taking into consideration accessories like the power adapter, extra batteries, cables, etc.

16 Development Constraints Limited screen size Limited processor power Limited data storage Limited power supply

17 Many platforms & execution environments Symbian OS – Nokia, Sony Ericcson – Development in C++ using a range of compilers RIM – Blackberry – Development in Java using Blackberry JDE Android OS – Nexus One, Motorola – Development in Java using Android SDK and Eclipse iOS4 – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – Development in Objective C using Apple’s Xcode IDE Windows Mobile – various devices – Development in C or C++ using Visual Studio Palm OS – Palm Pre – Development in C, C++, or Pascal using Palm OS Development System Flash Lite – various devices (except iPhone & iPad) – Development in ActionScript using Adobe CS 5 Development suite

18 SmartPhone Market Share

19 iPhone Sales

20 iPad Market Share & Sales Forecast

21 Android Forecasts

22 Mobile Market Statistics 4.5 billion wireless connections exist now 3.5 billion mobile data connections 800 mobile networks in existence across 200 countries Google’s selling 60,000 Android phones a week Apple sold 3 million iPads in 80 days There are over 50 million iPhones and iPod Touch units in use today 6.5 million iPhone users in the United States With over 250K apps, the iTunes app store has served well over 1 Billion downloaded applications

23 Mobile Market Forecasts Smartphone sales will represent 56% of all phone sales in Europe by 2012 1.5 billion mobile Internet users predicted by 2013 Data traffic set to grow 66 times its 2008 rate by 2013 50 billion devices expected to be connected to the mobile network by 2020 Mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device by 2013

24 Consumer Internet Usage Trends

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