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2014-2019 Strategic Plan Evidence, knowledge and action for a healthier Ontario October 2, 2013 Presentation to ANDSOOHA.

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1 2014-2019 Strategic Plan Evidence, knowledge and action for a healthier Ontario October 2, 2013 Presentation to ANDSOOHA

2 Thank you… to so many people for being part of our journey 2

3 3

4 4

5 The Plan’s beginnings 5

6 What we set out to accomplish 6 Build a plan that reflects the growth PHO has undergone in the last five years Open up dialogue with our staff, learn where we can improve, where our strengths lie and what we collectively see for our organization’s future Align with the ambitions and potential the organization has to dramatically influence the way public health is understood in Ontario

7 Peer review panel on PHO “Public Health Ontario is giving excellent leadership to the public health mission in Ontario.” “Public Health Ontario is a highly effective organization. It should be considered a potential jewel in in the crown of the public health system of Ontario, with the potential for international recognition in public health.” 7

8 Our growth and our strengths 8

9 Our Existing Strengths 9

10 We listened and we consulted 10

11 11 Our context and broader priorities

12 12

13 A renewed sense of direction 13

14 Our Vision 14

15 Our Mission 15

16 Our Mandate 16 Our primary clients include: Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and other ministries Local public health units Health system providers and organizations across the continuum of care Partners can also include academic, research, not-for-profit, community-based and private sector organizations and government agencies We build capacity, assemble expertise and guide action through: advice, consultation and interpretation continuing education and professional development health emergency preparedness information management knowledge and best practices generation laboratory services library services research, ethics and evaluation support to policy and program development surveillance and population health assessment

17 17 Our Values

18 2014-2019 Strategic Directions 18

19 Provide scientific and technical expertise to strengthen Ontario’s public health sector and support the achievement of its goals 19 1.1 Optimize healthy human development: focus on early childhood development, including mental wellness and resiliency 1.2 Improve the prevention and control of infectious diseases: focus on immunization 1.3 Improve health by reducing preventable diseases and injuries: focus on physical activity and healthy eating, tobacco and alcohol 1.4 Promote healthy environments: focus on the built environment 1.5 Strengthen the public health sector's capacity, infrastructure and emergency preparedness: focus on information and knowledge systems, collaborative mechanisms, and a highly competent workforce 1 Consistent with our mandate and our role within the sector, PHO will provide scientific and technical advice and support to our public health sector partners as they work to achieve these goals. PHO will generate new public health knowledge, support population health monitoring, and drive policy and practice action. Our expertise will support the sector in taking actions to achieve its goals through activities that include developing appropriate tools, knowledge products and professional development programs and collaborative opportunities. The sector plan centres around five strategic goals, and defines eight areas of collective focus to guide priorities for the next 3-5 years:

20 Accelerate integrated population health monitoring 20 2.1 Accelerate the development of a data hub, in collaboration with our health system partners, that enables integrated population health monitoring 2.2 Produce and disseminate tools and resources which transform data to information and knowledge that guides public health action 2.3 Develop and apply analytic and presentation methodologies that inform population health monitoring 2 Goals

21 Enable policy, program and practice action 21 3.1 Synthesize and disseminate knowledge and leading practices in public health to accelerate their application into practice 3.2 Provide evidence and tools to influence policy and program development 3.3 Build skills, capacity and competencies in Ontario’s health workforce to face tomorrow’s public health issues Goals 3

22 Advance public health evidence and knowledge 22 4.1 Lead the generation of new public health knowledge in priority areas 4.2 Develop innovative approaches and methodologies for public health implementation science 4.3 Evaluate and enhance complex population health interventions 4 Goals

23 Great People, Exceptional Teams Building a Stronger PHO 23 5.1 Increase connectedness and enhance communication to cultivate a strong and cohesive organizational culture 5.2 Support learning, individual and team development, and building leadership capacity 5.3 Foster a culture of health, safety and wellness that enhances the quality of worklife and organizational performance Goals 5

24 Thank you! 24

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