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Wellcome Trust - Funding the best science

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1 Wellcome Trust - Funding the best science
Dr Candace Hassall Science Programme Manager Basic Science Careers Fellowships for Researchers Day: Imperial College London July

2 The Wellcome Trust an independent research- funding charity
established 1936 funded from private endowment managed for long-term stability and growth interests range from science to history of medicine

3 Mission and strategic aims
Our mission is to foster and promote research with the aim of improving human and animal health We work to further our mission through six strategic aims: advancing knowledge using knowledge engaging society developing people facilitating research developing our organisation

4 Aim 4. Developing people:
To foster a research community and individual researchers who can contribute to the advancement and use of knowledge To provide training and career support schemes to attract and retain the highest quality individuals in biomedical research To stimulate research capacity building to address priority areas of science, or career gaps, by developing tailored training and career initiatives To work with others on key issues related to research careers

5 Personal Support Schemes
BIOMEDICAL & CLINICAL SCIENTISTS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES BIOMEDICAL SCIENTISTS CLINICAL SCIENTISTS Based in the UK or Republic of Ireland Principal Research Fellowships SENIOR International Senior Research Fellowships (in India, South Africa, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary & Poland ) Senior Research Fellowships Senior Research Fellowships University Awards Flexible Travel Awards Research Career Re-Entry Fellowships Senior Research Fellowships Flexible Travel Awards INTERMEDIATE Intermediate Clinical Fellowships Intermediate Fellowships Research Career Development Fellowships EARLY CAREER Research Training Fellowships Research Training Fellowships Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships 4 Year PhD Programmes PhD Programmes for Clinicians MSc/PhD Programmes

6 Personal Support Schemes
BIOMEDICAL SCIENTISTS Based in the UK or Republic of Ireland Research projects can be based in the lab, the clinic or the field and may involve experimental or theoretical approaches Senior Principal Research Fellowships Senior Research Fellowships University Awards Flexible Travel Awards Research Career Re-Entry Fellowships Intermediate Research Career Development Fellowships Early career Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships 4 Year PhD Programmes

7 Application process for personal support schemes
Preliminary application Assess eligibility and suitability of person (and project) in relation to the scheme Decision on whether to invite full application or not Full application Detailed external peer review of person, project and place Application and referees’ reports assessed by appropriate Wellcome Trust Funding Committee Decision on whether to invite candidate for interview or not Interview Decision on whether to make an award or not

8 Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships
for the best newly qualified post-doctoral basic science researchers candidates are expected to identify an important biomedical research question and to develop and deliver their own personal programme to achieve their research aims. flexible support for four years to enhance research skills, career development opportunities and promote independence training to be undertaken in the laboratories of choice – in the UK and overseas annual competition - deadlines for the next round to be announced soon

9 Flexible Travel Awards
Provide enhanced opportunities for mobility and collaboration in the UK and overseas Enable successful scientists to obtain experience in new disciplines, interdisciplinary areas or in an emerging aspect of their own field Awards either enable internationally competitive established post-holders to undertake a sabbatical in order to enrich their research programmes and initiate significant new collaborations. Or, provide personal support and research expenses for up to two years for non-established post-holders researchers to obtain experience either in a new discipline or in an emerging aspect of their own field

10 Research Career Development Fellowships
Candidates must have made intellectual contributions to research that have been published in leading journals, and be able to demonstrate their potential to carry out high quality independent research Awards now for up to 5 years 3-6 years’ post-doctoral research experience Includes salary, research expenses and research assistance if justified Preliminary application required which can be made at any time Considered twice a year                          

11 Senior Research Fellowships in Basic Biomedical Science
For outstanding individuals of exceptional ability to continue their independent programmes of research 5-~10 years post-doctoral research experience 5 year award funded in full (fellowship salary and research expenses) by the Trust Renewable for five year periods with 50% fellowship salary funded by the host institution Annual competition - preliminary applications considered early each summer

12 Principal Research Fellowships
Candidates with an established track record of research at the highest level Basic and clinical Seven years’ salary and research support Renewable for five year periods with 50% salary support from the host institution Must have a guaranteed position at the end of the Fellowship Often used to bring top academics (back) to the UK Preliminary application required

13 Research Career Re-Entry Fellowships
To enable post-doctoral scientists to return to independent research after a decision to take a career break of at least 2 years Awards can be for up to 4 years Possible to include re-training costs e.g. MSc Preliminary application required

14 University Awards To allow universities to attract/retain strategically important research staff, technologists or analysts Two varieties: Three years’ project support and salary support for 5 years (50% year 4; 25% year 5) Applicant takes up a permanent post at the end of the award Career technologists/analysts Trust provides 75% of applicant’s salary for the first 5 years Then the applicant takes up a post which is guaranteed for at least a further 5 years Commitment in excess of £67 million. Comprising: WT £20m, Wolfson £10m, DH £24m (£5m p.a.), Scottish Executive £4m (£0.8m p.a.), MRC £8m for scanners (3T whole body). Amounts from BHF, Welsh, Northern Ireland administrations, and Irish Republic, are to be determined. MRC also running a parallel scheme in Experimental Medicine (£15m) Image: Manchester CRF. BodPod in Cambridge CRF (Subject is placed in a sealed chamber (bodpod) and displacement measured, which avoids difficulties of the water displacement method where subjects are submerged in water.)

15 Support on project and programme grants
In appropriate circumstances, researchers can request personal salary support on a Project or Programme grant application as: A named Research Assistant A Co-applicant The Principal Applicant

16 Scheme details Deadlines where appropriate
Contact details Policy annoucements

17 IMPORTANT: - check scheme details in advance when thinking about next steps and making plans - then check again nearer the time - things may well have changed

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