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The William Mitchell Center The Fitness Center. The Layout.

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1 The William Mitchell Center The Fitness Center

2 The Layout

3 The Fitness Center State of the art cardiovascular equipment from Life Fitness Top-of-the-line strength pieces from Hammer Strength The best power equipment from Power Lift Plyometric devices from Power-Systems Urethane weights from Iron Grip

4 Cardio Option # 1 2 Life Fitness 95Ti treadmills 4 horsepower Smart stop safety technology LIFEPULSE digital heart rate monitoring

5 Cardio Option # 2 3 Life Fitness 95Xe Elliptical Runners All the benefits of running without the stress on the joints Great device for the larger user

6 Cardio Option # 3 4 Life Fitness 95Ce upright cycles Digital readouts powered entirely by human movement LIFEPULSE Telemetry heart rate monitoring

7 Dual Adjustable Pulley System Serves the beginner and the advanced athlete 20 pulley positions 10 attachments 50 different exercises. Replaces multiple machines

8 8’ Combo Power Racks 8’x6’ oak platforms with school insignia squats, bench presses, dead lifts, power cleans, chins, etc… Technique trays, bands, chains, Olympic bars, and fat bars

9 Back Rehabilitation Provides safe and unique ways to rehabilitate, strengthen, and stretch the lower back

10 Power Lift Bumper Plates Professionally calibrated rubber bumper plates:45 35 25 & 10 lbs each Each plate custom embossed with “Crusader Power”

11 Hammer Strength Ground Base Innovation These safe machines require the user to keep both feet on the ground, thus requiring him to incorporate core muscles, coordination, and balance in order to complete the movement

12 The Ground Base Jammer Mimics any number of athletic situations in football, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, & shot-put Stresses the most amount of muscle, tendons, and ligaments at one time

13 Ground Base Squat Lunge Perfect for the younger user, not quite ready for free weights Allows the experienced user to incorporate greater amounts of weight and momentum

14 The Super Horizontal Calf Super Horizontal Calf provides the proper angle to train stubborn calves Provides a simple way to train a complicated muscle group

15 The Iso-Lateral Leg Press A very safe machine for training a large and strong muscle group Provides two diverging paths of motion Extremely comfortable

16 The Iso-Lateral Kneeling Leg Curl The Iso-Lateral Leg curl allows the user to stress the hamstring at a prominent angle The Iso-Lateral Leg Curl allows the user to train one leg at a time

17 The Iso-Lateral Leg Extension Iso-Lateral design allows the user to stress both legs equally Available with counterbalances Simple classic design makes it a functional work of art.

18 The Chest/Back The Chest/Back from Hammer Strength incorporates two movements into one piece The natural arc plane of movement is highly effective

19 The Iso-Lateral Super Incline The Iso-Lateral Super Incline provides just the proper plane of movement to maximize strength and muscular gains A safe alternative to free weight presses

20 The Iso-Lateral Shoulder Press A great machine for the younger lifter not ready for free-weights Provides an opportunity for the experienced lifter to go with very heavy poundage

21 The Iso-Lateral Low Row The Iso-Lateral Low Row provides the novice & expert an opportunity to hit the lower lats in a safe movement A very safe and effective way to isolate the lower lats

22 The Seated Bicep Curl Completely isolates the bicep muscle, negating the use of the shoulders and lower back Can be utilized by one or two arms

23 Neck Helps develop one of the most neglected and vulnerable areas of the body Very effective even with lower poundage

24 Abdominals

25 Plyometrics Weighted jump ropes and medicine balls help develop speed and reaction time Plyo-Boxes and Vertical Leap measurement devices help promote power

26 The Weights Iron Grip Barbell Co. is custom making plates for our facility complete with the helmet/shield emblem. The patented grip allows the user to safely hoist the equipment into place. All weights are encased in urethane.

27 Infinity Performance Flooring Flooring has a patented built-in fungicide to prevent bacteria.

28 “Educating the mind and the body in the spirit of our patron saint, St. Francis DeSales.”

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