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Prioritized Areas and Process of R7 proposal GFATM Meeting on 12 April 2007.

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1 Prioritized Areas and Process of R7 proposal GFATM Meeting on 12 April 2007

2 0407 Deadline paper submission Process for R7 proposal development Month of 07 Identify priorities 06 Call Selection the papers & partners Advertisement GW R7 proposal Development 0305 Submit Draft R7 Proposal to CCM CCM meeting for endorse Deadline Pro submit to GF MOH form GW

3 Malaria Priority Areas 1.Maintaining population protected from the previous rounds 1 and 4 2.Border malaria: vulnerable migrating population from highlands, 47 classified poor districts 3.Diagnosis and Treatment, Multi-drug resistance monitoring 4.Public-private Mix (PPM) in malaria control to expand to the rest of the country 5.Surveillance and mapping of malaria endemic areas

4 PRIORITIZED TOPIC OF TB CONTROL PROGRAMME 1.Maintain of DOTS activities in R2 & R4 2.Multi-Drug resistant TB.( MDR TB) 3.TB/HIV ( Co-infection TB/HIV) 4.TB in Children 5.TB lab and infra-structure upgrading 6.Public Private Mix DOTS ( PPMD) 7.ACSM (Advocacy Communication Social Mobilization) This order is from highest to lowest priority.

5 Health System Strengthening Priority Areas 1.Strengthening Coordination Mechanism from national to local levels of the 3 diseases 2.Policy research on M&E 3.Health financing for 3 diseases 4.Human resources development for the 3 diseases 5.Integrate the health care services (Public-Private sectors) for 3 diseases into health care system and expand and support the home based treatment through the use of VHW 6.RESEARCH AND SURVEILLANCE 7.PROCUREMENT AND LOGISTICS

6 HSS: M&E Vertical M&E Weak involvement of relevant authorities Centralized data collection Inconsistent of information at different source No culture of using M&E as policy frame work and decision marking

7 Process of Screening concept papers 1 st screening: (divided in each) component by CHAS, CMPE, NTC, TRP, OC/CCM Sec 2 nd Screening: by screening committee ( see next slide)

8 Agreement Purpose: 1. To finally define the areas of priority in R7 proposal in order to submit to CCM for approval and call for concept papers via news papers 2. To agree on the road map for proposal development 3. To form the screening committee of concept papers for R7 4. To form team work for proposal development and receive commitment for technical assistant from international partners. All participants including 4 OC committee, CCM Sec, 3 national Centers, PR office, DOHP, DPB, Consultants have agreed up on the following slides:

9 Road Map ActivitiesAprMayJunJulNovResponsible Parties MOH (DOH & The 3 national centers) submit the national priority areas to CCM Sec &MOH form team for R7 develop Wed 4 th MOH (NAC, CMPE, NTC,PR,CMD) Circulate the priority areas to OC & CCM for their “No objection”5 th CCM Sec Feedback from OC & CCM6 th CCM CCM Sec OC Meeting to Form screening committee & to adopt on the priority areas & the road map Thu 12 th MOH, CCM Sec CCM OC Advertising the guideline for concept paper via Newspaper17, 19, 21, 23 CCM Sec Deadline for submission expression of interest to CCM Sec25 th Not Identified Forward the paper submitted to screening committee27 th 1st meeting for screening papers2 nd -3 rd 3 CHAS, CMPE, NTC, TRP, OC/CCM sec 2 nd Meeting for screening the papers selected by the 1 st screening meeting & to form GWs for R7 proposal development 7-9 th Screening committee CCM meeting for endorse the paper selected and for endorse the CCM request for continued funding for TB R4 phase 2 10Not confirm GWs for development the country coordinated R7 proposal10 th 26 th Group Work Deadline for finalizing the Country Coordinated R7 ProposalTue 26 th Circulate the proposal drafted to CCMThu 28 th CCM Sec CCM Meeting for endorsing the Country Coordinated R7 proposalMon 2 nd CCM Sec GWs for revising the proposal 2-4 th Group Work CCM Sec & PR Dead line submission the R7 proposal to GFWed 4 th Board consideration on R714-16 th

10 R7 Proposal Component 1.HIV/AIDS 1.1. Prevention priority Areas 1.2. Treatment care and support for PLWA 2.Malaria Control 3.Tuberculosis Control 4.Health System Strengthening


12 Treatment (fill gap in R6) TREATMENT ARV OI PEP GIPA TB/HIV Co-infection

13 2 nd Screening Committee OC members and CCM Sec 09 members) Resources Persons: DOHP, CHAS, CMPE, NTB (4 persons) Consultants UNAIDS, WHO(03 persons) Total16 persons

14 Proposal for Agencies for providing for GW for proposal development HIV/AIDSMalariaTuberHSS G1 Prevention G2 Treatment G3G4G5 Lead by CHAS Lead by Curative Med Dpt Hospital CHAS Lead by CMPE Lead by NTC Lead by Cabinet BP Dpt OP Dpt DOPH 3 centers UNAIDSMSF ESTHER WHO Wellcome trust WHO Health Unlimited WHO, SFE PR consultant WHO?

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