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The Baroque Era 1600-1750.

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1 The Baroque Era

2 “Baroque” In French the term “baroque” means: “bizarre”
It can also be described as fancy, ornate, decorative, flamboyant, and gaudy!

3 Colonization The period from during which the Americas were colonized was a period of cultural growth in Europe. In 1607 the first permanent English colony was established in Jamestown, Virginia.

4 Baroque Style Versailles
The French King Louis XIV had a lot of power and was a great patron of the arts Versailles Palace built by Louis XIV (the fourteenth) Louis moved whole court there in 1682 and it housed 20,000 nobles It was the definition of Baroque in its grandeur and decorations Courtly life at Versailles became the model for Europe


6 The Hall of Mirrors

7 BALLET Ballet became a prominent dance
Louis XIV in France developed ballet often dancing the lead roles himself! Jean-Baptiste Lully was a famous instrumental music composer of ballet Worked for Louis XIV Created well-trained orchestra of 24 violins for court ballets Went on to write opera Died from conducting Ballet clip

8 DANCE Dancing was considered an essential social skill for noble or wealthy people (men) Dance masters were hired in rich European households It was considered important in courtship Like music, dance was created for both expression of feelings as well as to celebrate events

9 Types of Dances Some forms were “sprightly but contained”
Usually arms were “rigid,” but the legs did intricate steps Types of dances popular: Courente Minuet Gigue Sarabande Gavotte Watch: Minuet and Gavotte

10 Composers Johann Sebastian Bach Born in Germany
The greatest of the Baroque composers and one of the greatest composers that ever lived. Worked his entire lifetime as a church organist. A famous organist while living, but not famous composer until 100 years after his death

11 Wrote suites for instruments in dance forms:
Johann Sebastian Bach married twice and fathered 20 children. Ten children lived to be adults. Several of his sons became well-known musicians. As he aged and eventually went blind, his wife copied his music manuscripts for him to enable him to continue composing. Wrote suites for instruments in dance forms: Listening: Violin Gavotte and Minuet In keeping with the flamboyant Baroque style, there are is much ornamentation, or decorations to the melody. Two Other famous composers: Handel, Vivaldi

12 Today’s Society No more colonization, but we are still active in other countries Architecture more sleek and simple

13 Dance and Music Today Ballet is still an important art, and it has transformed, as has the music to accompany it Dancing is still considered a good skill to have, especially for courting (I.e. dating) and it is paired with more traditional music or pop/rock/hip-hop Dance forms still used (Walz,Tango, etc., but different forms than the Baroque era) and music must be appropriate to the style Many people dance without set steps or put own spin on already invented dance Watch clip

14 Activity -Design your own unique font and create a piece of art with your name -Use an ornamented, Baroque style -Feel free to use color -Grade= 15 points, 10= completion 5= creativity

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