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Future forms.

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1 Future forms

2 will + infinitive uses 1. To make predictions based on experience and intuition I think he will pass the exam. 2. To express decision made at the moment of speaking I’ll have the steak, please. 3. To express fixed intention or promises I’ll always be your friend. 4. To make a request or offer Will you come with us?

3 be going to + infinitive
uses 1. To express a prediction, especially based on a present fact. Liverpool are going to win the match. (It’s four nil, and there’s only four minutes left.) 2. To express a future plan, decision or intention, made before the moment of speaking When I grow up, I’m going to be a doctor. We’re going to paint the room pink.

4 Present Continuous use
1. Can be used to express a future arrangement between people We’re going out with Jeremy tonight.

5 Present Simple use 1. To talk about future official/fixed arrangements or timetables that we cannot change The train to Paris leaves at 7 am tomorrow.

6 may / might + infinitive
use 1. To make uncertain predictions They might come tonight. shall + infinitive use 1. To make a polite offer or suggestion, or ask for advice, with I or we Shall I help you with the bags? Shall we go out tonight?

7 Use the best future form to complete the sentences
am playing 1. I ____________________(play) tennis with David tomorrow afternoon. leaves 2. Our train ________________(leave) at tomorrow morning. is going to rain 3. Look at the clouds. It _______________________ (rain). 4. I think in the future we ____________(have) mobile phones inside our heads. will have may/ might 5. She ______________ come to see you tomorrow, but I’m not sure. shall 6. What _________ I do if she refuses?

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