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WELLNESS TO EMPLOYABILITY Mental Health Training for St. Louis Job Corps Transition Students!

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1 WELLNESS TO EMPLOYABILITY Mental Health Training for St. Louis Job Corps Transition Students!

2 Mental Health Training for Transition Students (TS) Goals –TS will know how to access mental health services once they leave St. Louis Job Corps. –TS will be able to recognize common mental health issues in themselves and others. –TS will be able to develop a plan to manage their workplace mental health issues.

3 Effects Of Stress Warning Signs – Physical – Emotional

4 What happens when we are under stress? The Alarm Reaction Adaptation Breakdown

5 Negative Results of Stress Mental Emotional Physical

6 Positive Results of Stress Mental Emotional Physical

7 Coping with Stressors Ineffective –Drinking –Yelling –Other Effective –Assertive –Change thinking –Other

8 How to Access Mental Health Help Insurance Benefits Local sliding scale services PRACTICE GETTING HELP!

9 Health Habits Checklist 1.I do not smoke cigarettes. 2.I do not drink more than 2 drinks a day. 3.I eat breakfast regularly. 4.I do not eat between meals. 5.I maintain normal weight.

10 Health Habits Checklist 6. I avoid caffeine and sugar. 7. I exercise at least three times a week. 8. I sleep seven to eight hours a night. 9. I have a good support system. 10. I wear a seat belt while riding in a moving vehicle.

11 How to Beat Stress Sit or lie down Uncross your arms or legs Shut your eyes Breathe in through your nose Count internally to three as you do that Breath out through your mouth to a count of five

12 How to Beat Stress (continued) Do this cycle of breathing 10 times Visualize yourself in a positive scene See the scene in great detail See yourself doing only positive things After three to four minutes just drift awake

13 Anxiety Feeling afraid or upset Neck or back pains Pounding heart Queasiness or stomach upset Compulsiveness Depression Nervousness Worry Headaches Other

14 Depression Loss of appetite or overeating Problems in sleeping Loss of self- confidence Hopelessness, Helplessness Thoughts of suicide and death Difficulty getting up in the morning Little joy in daily activities Low sexual drive

15 Problem Gambling Increased frequency and amount of money gambled Spending excessive time gambling Gambling always to topic of conversation Gambling to cope with stress Frequent mood swings Lying to cover up gambling

16 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Nightmares, difficulty sleeping Intrusive memories Hyper vigilance to noise and sights Irritability Difficulty concentrating Anger Avoidance of certain things Flashbacks Withdrawal Numb feelings Anxiety and depression

17 Suicide Signs Talking or threatening to harm oneself Previous attempts Severe depression Loss of important person Saying goodbye

18 Suicide Signs Abuse of drugs and alcohol Themes of death and dying in artwork and writing Plan of suicide Severe health problems

19 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Attends to everything Continuously in motion, fidgety Seems to touch everything Short attention span Distractible Forgetful Aggressive Little self control Impatient Loses things Talks loudly

20 Wellness to Employability Plan of Action 1.I will manage my stressors in the following ways... 2.I will manage my mental health issues in the following ways... 3.I need the following mental health help to be successful...

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