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UNDP Climate Change Adaptation 20 September, 2006.

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1 UNDP Climate Change Adaptation 20 September, 2006

2 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 1 1 Safeguarding MDGs “Practical steps to protect countries and communities from the likely disruption and damage that will result from effects of climate change.” (UNFCCC website, 2006) “Adjustment in natural or human systems in response to actual or expected climatic stimuli or their effect, which moderates harm or exploits beneficial opportunities.” (IPCC 2001) “Changing existing policies and practices and adopting new policies and practices so as to secure MDGs in the face of climate change and its associated impacts” (UNDP 2006) II. UNDP Strategy

3 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 2 2 Climate Risks and MDGs MDGsCLIMATE RISKS MDG 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Depleted livelihood assets, reduced economic growth, and undermined food security. MDG 2: Achieve universal primary educationReduced ability of children to participate in full-time education by loss of infrastructure, loss of livelihoods (forcing children to work), and displaced families. MDG 3: Promote gender equality and empower women Additional burdens on women's health and limited time to participate in decision- making and income-generating activities. MDGs 4, 5 and 6: Reduce child mortality; improve maternal health; combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases availability of potable water. Greater prevalence of vector- and water- borne diseases, and heat-related mortality, declining food security, maternal health, and availability of potable water MDG 7: Ensure environmental sustainabilityNegatively impacted natural resources and productive ecosystems II. UNDP Strategy

4 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 3 3 Emerging Priorities for Adaptation SP2. Water Resources and Quality Water availability and supply maintained SP3. Public Health Public health maintained or enhanced SP4. Climate Change-Related Disaster Risk Management Exposure and vulnerability to climate change-driven risks and hazards reduced SP5. Coastal Development Exposure and vulnerability of population, infrastructure & economic activity reduced SP1. Agriculture and Food Security Food security and food production maintained or enhanced II. UNDP Strategy

5 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 4 4 UNDP Principles 1. Safeguard achievement of MDGs by developing adaptive capacity through an integrated package of services 2. Integrate climate risks into development policies, national investment decisions, and into CCA/UNDAF 3. Build on existing UNDP programmes, such as UNDP/GEF-supported Climate Change National Communications and National Adaptation Programmes of Action 4. Build on disaster risk-management activities and extensive UNDP experience in this area 5. Build partnerships with organisations to ensure appropriate expertise reaches countries in line with UNDP’s poverty role in the UN System II. UNDP Strategy

6 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 5 5 UNDP Three-Pronged Approach Raise awareness and incorporate climate risks into UN, development planning, programmes and projects through CCA/UNDAF Mainstream climate risks into national development strategies and investment decisions through National Communications and other Climate Change strategic plans Pilot adaptation in line with priorities emerging from national adaptation frameworks

7 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 6 6 Common Country Assessment (CCA) Key development challenges United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) UNDAF outcomes Country programme outcomes Country programme outputs Key partners Baselines, targets, and sources of verification Country Programme Document (CPD) Allocates TRAC funding Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP), Annual Work Plan (AWP) Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Mainstreaming in UNDP II. UNDP Strategy

8 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 7 7 Mainstreaming in UNDP Strategic Environmental Assessment is an approach to decision-making for integrating environmental considerations into policies, plans and programmes: – Can be used for integrating climate risks into national planning and UN/UNDP programming – Helps move from ad-hoc and reactive to anticipatory and deliberative approach Convergence of SEA and APF for implementing adaptation policies and measures within sectoral policies and programmes II. UNDP Strategy

9 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 8 8 anticipatory ad hoc deliberative reactive Historical experience Disaster response Adaptation projects Interventions should shift away from reactive and ad hoc toward anticipatory & deliberative Planning for Future Adaptation II. UNDP Strategy

10 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 9 9 Concept Development & Screening Website II. UNDP Strategy

11 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 10 Leveraging SNCs, NAPAs, and the APF 1. Enabling Activities: NCs, NAPAs V&A Priorities and Timescales Identified 2. APF and Project Development Guidance Strategies and Projects Identified 3. Adaptation Funds Adapted Policies and Measures Implemented II. UNDP Strategy

12 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 11 Approach in India’s SNC Develop climate and socio- economic scenarios Improve sectoral impact assessments Target climatic hotspots Carry out integrated inter- sectoral V&A assessments in target areas Develop Adaptation Frameworks using UNDP-APF National Adaptation Framework Improvement of existing impact assessments New Focus: Adaptation Impact Assessments

13 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 12 Adaptation Policy Frameworks (APF) 2. APF and Project Development Guidance - 5 steps in adaptation process - Technical papers - Step-by-step project design guidance II. UNDP Strategy 1. Scope Strategies, Policies, Measures 4. Develop and Implement Strategies/Policies/Measures 2. Assess current vulnerability 3. Characterise future climate-related risks 5. Continue adaptation process

14 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 13 UNDP-GEF Adaptation Portfolio Full- and medium-size projects underway in 43 countries II. UNDP Strategy

15 UNDP-GEF Adaptation 14 II. UNDP Strategy Doing Development Differently! Integrating climate change risks into national sustainable development UNDP’s Mission

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