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Endocrine System 6. 6.5 continued.

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1 Endocrine System continued

2 Define:Homeostasis Defined as the maintenance of the body’s internal environment (blood and interstitial fluid) between specific limits. Endocrine System contributions to homeostasis Parameters include: Temperature Blood pH Glucose levels Water balance (osmoregulation) Hormone levels CO2 & O2 levels….etc

3 State that the endocrine system consist of glands that release hormones that are transported in the blood

4 Explain that homeostasis involves monitoring levels of variables and correcting changes in levels by Negative Feedback Mechanisms

5 Explain the control of body temperature, including the transfer of heat by the blood, and the roles of the hypothalamus, sweat glands, skin arterioles and shivering

6 Temp control images

7 Explain the control of blood glucose concentration, including the roles of glucagon, insulin and alpha and beta cells of the pancreatic islets

8 Distinguish between type I and type II diabetes Diabetes mellitus:a disorder in which blood sugar (glucose) levels are abnormally high Type 1 Onset: usually during childhood BETA-cells produce insufficient insulin Diet alone can not control the condition Type 2 Onset: usually after childhood Target cells become insensitive to insulin Low carb. Diet can help control the condition

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