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MI:WE A Zuni Corn Unit Zuni Corn Team Members:

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1 MI:WE A Zuni Corn Unit Zuni Corn Team Members:
Anthony Pucci, Ronnie Ladon, Ophelia Barber and Louisa Tekela

2 Description of the Students and the Community
Family Family structures Languages Socio-economic Status Village Cultural/Religious Hub Historic Education Early Childhood Public Schools Parochial Schools Higher Education Business Small Businesses Franchises Cottage Industries Community Services Medical Services Tribal Entities Supportive Services

3 Factors That Affect Student Learning
Family Role Models Basic Necessities Language Peers Positive/Negative Family Influences Teacher Values and Attitudes Teaching Styles Respect Cultural Identities Community Role Models Higher Education Negative Influences Culture Religious Ceremonies Participation Negative/Positive Self-Awareness/Identity

4 Thematic Unit –Mi:we Math Science Social Studies Language Arts

5 Mini-Lesson: Math Objectives: Materials Technology
Affective: TSW recognize the importance of proper planning. Cognitive: TSW divide up a parcel of land for growing corn and calculate how many stalks they can plant and how many kernels they will need to plant the whole parcel. Psychomotor: TSW draw a diagram of the land and where they will plant each group of three kernels. Materials Plain white paper Ruler Dried Corn Kernels = 120 per child (Popcorn Kernels) Technology Overhead Projector

6 Mini-Lesson: Math: Assessments
Oral Engage in a discussion about personal experiences involving hard work Explain to small group why planning is important Written Students will show multiplication and division calculations Project Students will draw a grid with specific measurements and glue 3 kernels to each spot they would plant in real life.

7 Mini-Lesson: L.A./Reading Miwe dap A:wan Haydoshna:we (Corn and Its Uses)
Objectives: Cognitive: Understand and use new words and name the colors of the corn and its uses Affective/Psychomotor: Express understanding through creative writing, critical thinking, and illustration Materials: Zuni Corn Grinding Song / Journeys Home Book Idonapshe (Lets Eat) Traditional Zuni Foods Book Various charts Technology: Computers (Word)

8 Mini-Lesson: Language Arts and Reading: Assessments
Assessment/Evaluation Participation/oral reading and discussion of questions Writing ESL Strategies Create a climate in the classroom that shows students that their first language (Zuni) is valued and is a an important channel for learning Provide step by step instruction of what is expected Individualizing and modifying class work to meet the learning needs of the students Ask open questions to monitor comprehension Relate instruction to real life experiences building on prior knowledge Accompany vocabulary words with charts, concrete objects and pictures to convey verbal explanations in meaning

9 Mini-Lesson: Social Studies
Objective Affective: TSW recognize the importance of corn as a main staple in the Zuni diet. Cognitive: TSW identify and describe four Zuni cuisines made from corn, Psychomotor: TSW produce and share a Zuni cuisine using corn. Materials Ground blue/white corn, corn husks, juniper ashes, salt, lard, mutton, chile, coriander, cooking utensils, flat stone, oven, and cedar. Community resources Technology Audio/Video describing the steps involved in preparing a native cuisine.

10 Mini-Lesson: Social Studies: Assessments
Class reflection on group presentations Discussion Group evaluation Participation Self-evaluation

11 Mini-Lesson: Science Materials Objective Technology
Affective: Students will learn about the Zuni monsoon season. Cognitive: Students will recognize the signs of weather changes in the sky. Psychomotor: Students will demonstrate the procedures for planting during the monsoon season. Materials Seeds for planting. Farm utensils, diagrams showing where to plant the different seeds. Technology Rain gages, weather vanes, daily weather reports

12 Mini-Lesson: Science: Assessments
Students will be assessed by keeping daily reports on the growth of plants. Draw pictures of the plants that have been planted. Labeling of each row that has been planted. Measurement of the rain fall and reading of the barometric pressures.

13 Multicultural Teaching Techniques and ESL Adaptations
KWL Charts Hands-On Samples/Products of Corn Game Piece Construction Oral Learning Guest Speakers Audio/Visual Charts & Posters Corn Grinding Song Classroom Environment Culturally Relevant

14 Multicultural Teaching Assessment Techniques
Self-Evaluations Discussions Participation KWL Completion Individual Conferences

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