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Sexual Transmitted Infection Msssssssssss. E

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1 Sexual Transmitted Infection Msssssssssss. E
STI’s Sexual Transmitted Infection Msssssssssss. E

2 Chlamydia (Both M and F)
Attacks the reproductive system. Bacterial Infection Causes: Infertility Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in women (PID). Damages the fallopian tubes & pelvic cavity. Ectopic Pregnancy- fertilized egg grows in one of the fallopian tubes

3 Chlamydia Signs and Symptoms Treatment Burning during urination
Discharge Can be symptomless Treated by Antibiotics Treatment Antibiotics

4 Chlamydia Bacteria

5 Picture of Cervix with Chlamydia Vulva Area infected with Chlamydia

6 Gonorrhea (Both M and F)
Attacks joints, skin, heart, reproductive system. Bacterial Infection Causes Arthritis, sores, weakening heart, sterility Blindness in babies Treated Antibiotics

7 Gonorrhea Signs and Symptoms Burning during urination Discharge
Infertility Deadly

8 Gonorrhea Bacteria

9 Gonorrhea Infections Eye and Finger

10 Gonorrhea in the Mouth

11 Infected Cervix from Gonorrhea

12 Discharge from Gonorrhea Infection

13 Baby with Gonorrhea

14 Genital Herpes (Both M and F)
Viral Infection Treatment No cure… during an outbreak treated with antiviral medication Signs and Symptoms Clumps of blisters may develop May be painful & itch Outbreaks can occur throughout life. Don’t need to be active to transmit Can’t be cured, but treatable through antiviral drugs and creams

15 Virus that causes Genital Herpes

16 Genital Herpes Infection

17 Genital Herpes Virus

18 Genital Herpes Virus in Mouth

19 Genital Herpes outbreak
on the cheek

20 Human Papilloma Virus HPV (Both M and F)
Develop Genital warts in 10% of people or could be symptomless Causes Cervical cancer Anal cancer Genital warts Throat warts Treatment No cure for HPV, but treatment for the diseases it can cause Surgery freezing off applying medication Doesn’t cure Pap test

21 Microscopic Human Papilloma Virus

22 HPV Warts on the Male

23 HPV Warts on Female

24 HPV Warts on the Mouth

25 Syphilis (Both M and F) Signs Causes Treated hard painless sore
Swollen glands, skin rash, hair loss, or flulike symptoms Can attack organs Causes death or brain damage of fetus Treated antibiotics

26 Syphilis

27 Chancre caused by Syphilis

28 Secondary Syphilis

29 Stage Two Syphilis

30 Stage Three Syphilis

31 Hepatitis B (Both M and F)
Attacks the liver, causes severe illness. A Virus Can Cause Liver disease Treatment No cure Drugs to help treat the disease Signs and Symptoms Can have no symptoms Headache Joint problems Dark urine

32 Hepatitis B Virus

33 Pubic Lice aka Crabs (Both M and F)
A Parasites Treatment Over the Counter drugs Prescription drugs Signs and Symptoms Itching in the genital and/or anal area Mild fever Feeling run down Lice or small eggs in pubic hair

34 Microscopic Crab

35 Microscopic Crab/Pubic Lice

36 Healthy Cervical Unhealthy Cervical
Cells Cells

37 Scabies

38 Scabies Infections

39 Other Infections Yeast infection- Urinary Tract infection (UTI)
yeast living in the infected area rapidly multiply Cured by creams Urinary Tract infection (UTI) Caused by bacteria Jock Itch fungal infection

40 Yeast Infections

41 HIV/AIDS HIV AIDS Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

42 HIV Disease infects the body and can remain undetected for months or years. It attacks the immune system and tricks it into rapidly producing the virus. The immune system then attacks it’s own cells in an attempt to rid the body of the virus.

43 AIDS When T-Cell (types of white blood cells) levels drop below a certain level (below 200 milliliters), the HIV virus becomes AIDS Diseases will begin to show up that a person with a high functioning immune system wouldn’t develop: PCP- an otherwise rare form of pneumonia Kaposi’s (Ka-PO-she) sarcoma- rare skin cancer

44 Kaposi’s Sarcoma

45 Cure for AIDS NONE Treatment Medication

46 Transmission of HIV/AIDS
Sexual Transmission (semen, vaginal secretion) Drug abuse (Needles/contact with blood) Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding Blood Transfusions & Tissue Transplants Medical Care

47 Strategies against Sexual Transmission of AIDS & STD
Abstinence- ONLY 100% effective way to prevent sexually transmitted disease. Don’t have a sexual relationship with a partner who’s sexual history you don’t know. Condoms

48 How HIV is transmitted:

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