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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Evaluation.

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1 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Evaluation

2 Filming Whilst I was filming, I learnt a lot more about the camera and the importance of how it should be positioned to get the perfect shot that was needed. I used a variety of different camera angles that helped to portray the characters emotions. For example, I used a close up shot to show the anger that one of the characters was feeling, by only presenting their facial expressions. I used a medium shot to film the ‘chav’ character, this is because I wanted to put all of the focus onto the hoodie that he’s wearing, in order to make the audience aware of how intimidating his character comes across. However, the medium shot doesn’t reveal his face too much, because I wanted to portray how gormless and unaware he is. The fact that the girl then attacked him from behind, helps to show that he was feeling comfortable and confident and therefore didn’t expect what was about to happen next.

3 Lighting The lighting was perfect when we were filming in the woods, because it didn’t change throughout the day and it was exactly how we wanted it to look. The cloudy weather helped to portray the mysterious atmosphere. However, the lighting wasn’t very good when we shot the scenes in the field, because the sun kept coming in and out – this made it look unrealistic and like we had filmed it on different days. We did a re-shoot, in hopes that we’d get all of the filming done quick enough so that we didn’t have that problem again and it worked. Although, when it came to editing, I still had to use some shots that contained a different lighting. From this, I’ve learnt about how important lighting is for the production and how much of a necessity it is that it has to be perfect.

4 Editing I’ve learnt a lot about the editing software I used, which was Sony Vegas. After filming, I had to upload all of the footage and start to edit it in a way which made it appear more put together and professional. To do so, I had to make sure that I edited all of the footage in chronological order. Before creating my video, I had only used Sony Vegas once before - this made the editing harder for me as it took me longer to understand the software and took me a while to figure out how to use it successfully. Sony Vegas is a software that I have found very hard to work with as I found it very complicated because I was so new to it. I still feel unsure on my ability to edit using that software, but I feel that my skills have definitely improved since the beginning of the project.

5 My main issues with the software was the sound. I couldn’t find background music that I thought was appropriate to the theme of my production, so I decided to just use natural background noises as sound effects. This didn’t go to plan as I originally wanted a few bird sounds that I captured naturally whist filming, however I found my video with a lot of moments that consisted of no audio at all. At the last minute, I filled those blank sounds with more bird sounds – I feel that this wasn’t the best idea, because the sound of birds is too constant and starts to get irritating near to the end of my product. I am also unsure about my editing as I found it extremely hard to edit the scenes in chronological order, due to the fact that we had to schedule a re-shoot.

6 Photoshop I’ve also learnt a bit more about Photoshop and I have developed my skills. This is because I needed to produce a logo for my opening sequence and I used Photoshop as the software to do so. I understand that a production logo is very important for the product as it helps the audience to remember the name of my production company for any future references. After creating my logo on Photoshop, I moved it to Sony Vegas in order to edit it into my opening sequence. I added a subtle effect with a sound that was relevant to the logo. I found this difficult at first, but after a while I got more creative with my Photoshop skills.

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