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Host Agency Safety Consultation What the law says you must do.

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2 Host Agency Safety Consultation What the law says you must do

3 Older Americans Act, Section 502(b)(1)(J) “will assure that safe and healthy conditions of work will be provided”

4 SCSEP Federal Regulations Section 641.535 (a)(9) Ensure that participants have safe and healthy working conditions at their community service worksites

5 Department of Labor tracks both: Date of Host Agency Monitoring Visit –Records the date on which the last host agency monitoring visit was conducted which relates to the entire host agency facility Which is different from: Date of a Safety Consultation –Records the date of the last safety consultation which is specific to each participant assigned to the host agency

6 Senior Service America Policy and Procedures Manual: 103 Community Service Assignments for Participants B Considerations before Making a Community Service Assignment –Conduct a safety consultation about the work environment and training responsibilities

7 Senior Service America 104 Host Agency Roles and Responsibilities B Safe Working Conditions SCSEP project directors are responsible for obtaining reasonable assurances from the host agency that the participants’ working conditions are safe and healthful, which will be documented in the host agency agreement. Participants must not be required or permitted to perform their community service assignments in buildings or surroundings or under conditions that are unsanitary or potentially hazardous to their health and safety.

8 Senior Service America SCSEP project directors are to conduct one host agency safety consultation per participant per community service assignment. Project directors can use the Host Agency Safety checklist form found in the Attachments and must report the date of consultation via the Additional Participant Information Webtool.

9 What do you need to do? Safety begins with a proper orientation with both participants and host agency supervisors Host Agencies should be asked to share copies of their safety, emergency evacuation and other related plans with your office

10 In case of emergency… Each participant should be familiar with the location of exits, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers and other safety items

11 Host Agency Requirements Host agency supervisors must be aware of the SCSEP policies which should be discussed at the required Host Agency orientation and meetings or during routine monitoring

12 Americans with Disabilities Act Host Agency supervisors will be asked to designate another employee as a “buddy” to any participant who is physically disabled and may need additional services in case of an emergency

13 Worker’s Compensation The local SCSEP office must post their Worker’s Compensation information in their office where participants will have access to it Good idea to include in the Participant Handbook.

14 Host Agency Safety Consultation Next Steps: –Notify the Host Agency supervisor and participant of the date and schedule for the Host Agency Consultation –Review all written policies and procedures on safety presented by the Host Agency –Conduct the site visit and complete the checklist –Every time there is a change in community service assignment, conduct a new Host Agency safety consultation –Retain HA safety documentation in HA files

15 Host Agency Safety Consultation Next Steps: –Update your participant handbook –Update the API tool

16 Monitoring and Safety Sample Forms

17 Quick Recap SSAI Commitment: T o prevent participant injuries from occurring in the first place and to ensure a safe work environment in all host agencies... Safety begins with a proper orientation and regular monitoring Questions?


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