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Begrüssungen und Abschiede

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1 Begrüssungen und Abschiede
Greetings and Farewells

2 Guten Morgen Good morning

3 Morgen Morning

4 Hallo Hello

5 Grüß dich Greetings to you

6 Grüß Gott Greetings to God (used in southern Germany)

7 Grüezi Hello (Switzerland, Southern Germany)

8 Guten Tag Good day/Hello/Good afternoon

9 Tag Hi

10 Guten Abend Good evening

11 Abend Evening

12 Servus Hello/Goodbye (Austria)

13 Gute Nacht Good night

14 Nacht Night

15 Auf Wiedersehen Until we see each other again/Goodbye

16 Wiedersehen Bye/see you

17 Tschüß So long/Bye

18 Tschüssi Bye bye

19 Tschau (Tschau tschau)
Bye (bye-bye)

20 Formal vs. Informal In Germany and many other countries, there are rules about how to speak to people. With family, friends and those younger than us, one can speak INFORMALLY, or casually. With elders, strangers and people in positions of authority, one must speak FORMALLY, or with more respect.

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