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The English Renaissance Othello Character Bookmark.

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1 The English Renaissance Othello Character Bookmark

2 English Renaissance 0 Lasted from 1485-1625 0 Renaissance: means “rebirth.” It was a secular movement that encouraged voyages of discovery and human aspirations. Began in Italy in 1350 and moved toward England in the late 1400’s. 0 Reformation: Inspired by Martin Luther. Reformation thinkers wanted to reform the Catholic church, which was viewed as corrupt.

3 Important Dates: 0 1485: Henry VII becomes king of England, ending the civil war that lasted for 30 years between the Yorks and Lancasters. He became the first Tudor King. 0 King Henry VIII became king in 1547. He had 6 wives: 0 Catherine of Aragon (annulled; died while detained under guard at Kimbolton Castle); 0 Anne Boleyn (annulled and later executed); 0 Jane Seymour (died days after giving birth, widely believed to be following birth complications); 0 Anne of Cleves (annulled); 0 Catherine Howard (annulled and later executed); 0 Catherine Parr (widowed).

4 Henry VIII 0 1534: established the Protestant church (he was the boss). Was called the Church of England. 0 Died in 1547 from obesity (theorists think diabetes played a part in his death) 0 His daughter with Anne Bolyen, Elizabeth, is named Queen when she comes of age.

5 Important Dates Continued: 0 1558: Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England. 0 Reigns from 1558-1603 0 Called the most successful monarch of England, like ever! 0 Established England as a protestant nation 0 Her reign was called the “Golden Age” of peace and prosperity 0 1564: William Shakespeare is born. 0 1588: England defeats the Spanish Armada (Spain thought they could overthrow a woman…QE shows ‘em who’s boss!) 0 1594: Romeo and Juliet is penned 0 1599: Globe Theater opens

6 Queen Elizabeth 0 Elizabeth's reign is known as the Elizabethan era 0 The period is famous for the flourishing of English arts and drama, led by playwrights such as William Shakespeare, and for the seafaring prowess of English adventurers such as Francis Drake.

7 Important Dates Continued: 0 1600: East India Trading Company is founded 0 1603: Elizabeth I dies (she was unmarried and had no children…called the “virgin queen”). 0 James I becomes king…not the best of kings! He and Parliament did not see eye to eye on how the country should be run. 0 1606: Guy Fawkes executed for Gunpowder plot (plot to blow up Parliament)…V for Vendetta 0 1620: Pilgrims land in Plymouth 0 1625: James I dies, thus ending the English Renaissance period in England.

8 Othello 0 He is the play’s protagonist 0 He is a tragic hero 0 He is a Moor (North African) 0 Powerful military leader 0 Free, open, trusting character which is also his tragic flaw because it leads to his downfall in the end

9 Desdemona 0 Secretly married to Othello 0 She is white, which causes problems because she ran away with a black man 0 Very strong female character because she constantly stands up for and to Othello 0 She is in many ways the Damsel of the play, but is put out there as a temptress as well

10 Iago 0 Othello’s ensign (military position under Othello) 0 He is the villain, or shadow, of the play 0 His personality is opposite of Othello; very manipulative and cunning and deceitful 0 He is jealous b/c Othello chose another character (Cassio) for a promotion over him 0 Hates women in general 0 Has no real motivation for being a jerk, he just is one

11 Cassio 0 Othello’s lieutenant 0 He was promoted instead of Iago, so Iago hates him 0 He is kind of a ladies man 0 He is the one who is truly devoted to Othello (best friend you could say) 0 He would be the companion figure in the play

12 Emilia 0 Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s attendant 0 Loves Desdemona 0 Distrusts her husband b/c he is very flirty with the ladies

13 Roderigo 0 In love with Desdemona but she refused him 0 Jealous of Othello 0 Easily manipulated by Iago to do his bidding against Othello

14 Bianca 0 A less than reputable woman in town (local prostitute) 0 Cassio is her favorite customer 0 Definitely the temptress

15 Brabantio 0 Desdemona’s father 0 Was Othello’s friend until he found out that Othello and his daughter were secretly married 0 Uses Othello’s race as a reason why his daughter should not marry Othello

16 Duke of Venice 0 The authority figure in Venice 0 Respects Othello for his military skills 0 Kind of a mentor figure for Othello

17 Montano, Lodovico, and Graziano 0 Montano: governor before Othello 0 Lodovico: Barbantio’s kinsman and relays messages from Venice to Cyprus. 0 Graziano: another of Barbantio’s kinsman who travels with Lodovico

18 Brief Summary 0 They play is set in Venice, Italy. 0 Currently at war, but trying to prevent it 0 Othello is the Duke’s main military leader and sends him to Cyprus to fight 0 Othello is married secretly to Desdemona, against her father’s approval 0 Iago is jealous of Othello and Cassio, so he tries to break up his marriage and make Othello go mad by saying that Desdemona is unfaithful to Othello by sleeping with his best friend Cassio. 0 Chaos ensues!

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