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Identifying Health Risks

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1 Identifying Health Risks

2 Warm-Up Activity Read the first paragraph on page 7 (below). Write what you would do if you were in the situation being described. Suppose that a good friend came up to you and said, “A group of us are going swimming tonight at the lake after dark. Be ready at eight--I’ll pick you up.” What would you do? Would you go along without giving things a second thought? Or would you stop and think about the risks involved?

3 Essential Questions What is a risk factor?
What types of risk factors can affect a person’s health? Why is it important to weigh the risks of any action against its benefits?

4 What is a Risk Factor? Definition Examples Three types of risk factors
Any action or condition that increases the likelihood of injury, disease, or other negative outcome Examples Swimming after dark Using tobacco Three types of risk factors Hereditary Risk Factors Environmental Risk Factors Behavioral Risk Factors

5 Hereditary Risk Factors
Definition of Heredity All the traits that are passed biologically from parent to child Inherited traits determine such things as a person’s eye color, height, and build Inherited traits also determine whether a person will be affected by certain disorders and disabilities A disability is any physical or mental impairment that limits or reduces a person’s ability to participate in normal activities

6 Environmental Risk Factors
Definition of Environment All of the physical and social conditions surrounding a person and the influences they have on the person Physical Environment Includes both your outdoor and indoor surroundings Social Environment The people around you--your family, friends, classmates, and other people you spend time with An important part of a person’s social environment is his or her culture. Culture is the beliefs and patterns of behavior that are shared by a group of people and passed from generation to generation.

7 Behavioral Risk Factors
What is a behavioral risk factor? A risk factor that results from your actions and decisions You alone decide which behavioral risk factors you will face

8 Lesson 2 Review Answer four (4) questions on the bottom of page 12 and be ready to discuss

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