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Introduction to Business and Technology

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1 Introduction to Business and Technology
Monday, September 9, 2013 E.Q. will I ever use business letter formats in real life? Introduction to Business and Technology

2 Today’s agenda Activator
Review Memo and Personal Business Letter Format Introduce Business Letter Format Create a Letterhead Type/Complete Business Letter Format Document Correct Business Letter Mess Up Summary: The Important Thing

3 See Current Event Document

4 Review

5 Personal Business Letter Parts
___________: name and address of the business to whom you are writing ___________: current date written out as month, day, and complete year ___________: letter’s greeting – you use the same name you used in the Inside Address – using Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss ___________: message or ‘meat’ of the letter ___________: letter’s goodbye – using phrases such as Yours truly and Sincerely yours ___________: writer's handwritten signature ___________: writer’s typed name and address

6 Personal Business Letter Order and Spacing
______” Top margin Inside Address and then Date – QS (press Enter _____ times) Salutation – DS (press Enter _____times) Body – _____ the text within the paragraph and ___ between the paragraphs Complimentary Closing – ____ Writer’s ID (name and address)

7 Personal Business Letter Styles and Punctuation
There are three types of letter styles that are acceptable in business: ________________– all lines in the letter begin at the left margin (no tabbing or indenting) ________________– date line, complimentary closing and writer’s identification begin at midpoint ________________ - date line, complimentary closing and writer’s identification begin at midpoint and all body paragraphs are indented (or tabbed over) ½”

8 What is a ________? Used to communicate information quickly throughout a business or organization ___________ parts: TO: - to whom the memo is written FROM: - who the memo is from DATE: - current date of memo SUBJECT: - precise, short point of memo

9 Memo Spacing _________” top margin
Each of the four headings are (_______) and keyed in all ________ followed by a _________ (:) After the colon, the Tab key is pressed to line up the text that follows


11 What is a Business Letter?
Represents a company not an individual Usually prepared on company letterhead Company letterhead is official company stationery that often contains a logo along with the name, address, phone and fax number Follow this link to look at sample letterheads

12 What are the differences between a Personal Business and Business Letter?
Writer’s company name and address should appear in the letterhead, so there is no need to type it again at the bottom of the letter Writer’s business title is usually keyed under the name Reference initials are added a DS (press Enter 2 times) after the Writer’s ID – Reference Initials These initials are of the person who types the letter Used to easily locate who typed the letter

13 Enclosures Enclosure or Attachment notations are added a DS below the This is a special section that is only added if something else is either physically attached to the letter or accompanying the letter in the same envelope

14 How Do I create a letterhead?

15 What DO I Do Next??? Complete Letterhead Assignment
Type Business Letter Format Document Print Personal Business Letter Format and Business Letter Format and insert formatting marks. (Keep in your folder as notes) Correct Business Letter Mess Up – SaveAs: BLMessUp

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