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Teachscape Overview John Monahan, Instructional Supervisor

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1 Teachscape Overview John Monahan, Instructional Supervisor
Tammy Stavenski-Bennick, Assistant Principal

2 Agenda Review of Danielson Framework The Plan Teachscape Questions
Domains 1- 4 The Plan The process Your responsibilities Teachscape Reflect Tab Differentiated Supervision Focused Observation Learn Tab Walkthroughs Questions

3 What is Teachscape? Teachscape is a program designed to guide teachers through the supervision and evaluation process. Teachscape Reflect is an observation and evaluation management system that helps districts make the connection between evaluations and long-term practice improvement. Using a technology-enabled process and graphic-rich reports, districts can use data and evidence to support teachers in reflecting and building on their skills. Teachscape Learn Professional Learning System allows districts to provide engaging, video-rich learning content as well as video libraries, video capture tools, online communities, and a learning management system.

4 Danielson Framework for Teaching
Domain 1: Planning and Preparation 1a Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy 1b Demonstrating Knowledge of Students 1c Setting Instructional Outcomes 1d Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources 1e Designing Coherent Instruction 1f Designing Student Assessments Domain 2: Classroom Environment 2a Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport 2b Establishing a Culture for Learning 2c Managing Classroom Procedures 2d Managing Student Behavior 2e Organizing Physical Space Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities 4a Reflecting on Teaching 4b Maintaining Accurate Records 4c Communicating with Families 4d Participating in a Professional Community 4e Growing and Developing Professionally 4f Showing Professionalism Domain 3: Instruction 3a Communicating With Students 3b Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques 3c Engaging Students in Learning 3d Using Assessment in Instruction 3e Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness

5 To begin… Log in to Teachscape by going to‎
Or you can click on the Teachscape link on the intranet homepage Note: we suggest using Firefox when using Teachscape Log in information Username: Teacher Password: Teacher-created password (Click on Forgot My Password and password is sent to )

6 Home Your home screen will have two tabs: Reflect & Learn

7 What is your choice of supervision?
Differentiated Supervision Upload documents and supervision paperwork Action Plan Complete under Differentiated Supervision Action Plan Upload into Domain 1 MOY – Complete Mid Year Review and upload Mid Year Artifacts EOY – Complete Year End Review and upload Year End Planning Artifacts

8 What is your choice of supervision?
Focused Observation Pre-observation (Domain 1) - Teacher Planning Form and Pre-Observation Conference Upload documents and artifacts Teacher Planning Artifacts Teacher Post Lesson Artifacts (Including samples of student work) Year End Formal Observation/Teacher Self-Review Review Notes and Evidence Score on Self-Review Review any Observer Supplemental Artifacts Post-observation (Domain 4) Complete Teacher Lesson Reflection Form and Post-Observation Conference


10 Student Learning Objective
Differentiated Supervision Student Learning Objectives BOY - SLO form uploaded as an artifact by Teacher MOY - SLO Mid Period Review & Conference EOY - SLO Results and Evidence (upload artifacts) Focused Observation Year End Evaluation >>> Student Learning Objectives

11 Supervision

12 Differentiated Supervision
Upload Supervision Documents Choice of Supervision Individualized Action Plan End of Year summary Done 4 out of every 5 years Documents may change in future, but remain the same for now. Will now be done at the beginning of the school year (versus at the end of the previous school year) Will be required to be submitted by everyone next year Will need to complete a mid-year and end of year review with your supervisor Choose one item of focus from each domain

13 Differentiated Supervision

14 Focused Observation Components Done 1 out of every 5 years
Pre-conference (Domain 1) Observations (Domains 2 & 3) Post-conference (Domain 4) Done 1 out of every 5 years Will not need to do the normal documents Will be notified in August when it is “your year” to do the focused observation Number of observations will depend upon your tenure status

15 Focused Observation

16 Upload Artifacts

17 Examples of Artifacts Lesson Plans Class Notes Worksheets
Samples of student work Photos of classroom Assessments May have difficulty with file formats. Try to change the file extension to all files if you are running into errors.

18 Learn

19 Learn Videos and online courses available in various categories
Resources line up with specific areas of the Framework Possible future professional development hours

20 Learn: Parkland Channel
Work in Progress Sometimes difficulty with access – will improve and be a more instrumental component in the future

21 Walkthrough Reflect >>> Walkthrough

22 How to Access this PowerPoint

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