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India Post Products & Services

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1 India Post Products & Services

2 Mail services Premium Products Financial services Retail services
Classification Mail services Premium Products Financial services Retail services Philately

3 Mail Services

4 Types of Mail articles (Letters & Parcels)
1 Letters 6 Book packet containing periodicals 2 Letter card 7 Sample & pattern packets 3 Post card 8 Blind literature 4 Book packet 9 Registered newspaper 5 Book packet containing Printed books 10 Parcel First 9 come under Letter category & 10th under Parcel category

5 Types of Basic Mail Service

6 Inland Mail There are 10 classes of articles First Class Mail
Letters Inland Letter Cards (ILC) Post Cards Second Class Mail Book Packets Sample and Pattern Packets Book Packets containing Printed Books Book Packets containing Periodicals Registered News Paper Blind Literature Packets Parcels

7 Classes of Mail First Class Mails Second Class Mails
Letters, Letter Cards and Post Cards Free Air transmission wherever possible and advantageous Second Class Mails Other remaining articles No free air transmission Sender has to pay Air surcharge in addition to normal postage, if the article is to be sent by Air Air surcharge (if airlift is required) Up to 50 grams Rs.2 Additional 50 grams or part Re.1

8 Modes of payment of postage
By affixing stamps Postage Stamps Service Stamps Postage paid in the form of Franking impression Departmental Franking Machine Private Franking Machine Postage paid in cash CO has to give licence License to post Without Prepayment of Postage (WPP) Only for RNP RO/CO has to give license

9 Registration More secured Accountable
Deliverable to Addressee/Authorised Agents only under aquittance Tracking facility available Acknowledgement facility

10 Insurance Covers all risk in course of transmission
In case of loss department pays compensation subject to certain conditions Accountable More secured Tracking facility

11 Value Payable System helps traders to recover the cost of goods supplied to their customers Money collected sent to the sender through VP Money Order

12 eVP system eVP system is a new service Helps in e-commerce
Sender has to register for the service Data of eVP articles flows in electronic format Fast payment of amount to sender for articles delivered Payment on articles delivered made to sender on receipt of data from delivery office, at booking office MIS is available to all concerned

13 World Net Express (WNX)
Unique International Express Delivery Service Collaboration with Deutsche Post World Net (DPWN) Documents & Parcels can be sent on courier mode Service presently available in selected Post Offices Maximum transit time of 4 days Track & Trace facility & SMS Tracking is also available

14 Maximum Specifications for WNX
Shipment weight upto 250 Kg (Per piece 32 Kg) Gifts – Rs & Samples – Rs permitted Max dimension 118 cm (L), 88 cm (W) & 120 cm (H) WNX Boxes available for parcels (non documents) (1 KG, 3 KG, 5 KG, 7 KG, 9 KG & 20 KG)

15 Flat Rate Boxes

16 Flat Rate Boxes -Salient feature
Parcels can be sent safely through standardised packing Charges will be based on weight of the packet and not on the distance 1 KG, 2.5 KG & 5 KG boxes are available at Selected POs Postage will be paid at the time of purchase of carton box It also contains customs declaration form Preprinted barcodes available as per UPU standard

17 Flat Rate Box Tariff : INTERNATIONAL DOMESTIC Sl Description of box
Rate per Box 1 Contents up to 1 KG Rs.1000 2 Contents up to 2.5 KG Rs.1500 3 Contents up to 5 KG Rs.2500 DOMESTIC Box Size Dimension (in mm) Weight ( in KG) Tariff (in Rs.) Small – S 250 X 50 X 300 0 to 1 125 Medium - M 250 X 100 X 300 Above 1 to 2.5 200 Large – L 300 X 250 X 200 Above 2.5 to 5 400

18 Practice Exercise 1.7.1

19 Premium Products

20 Types of Premium Products
Speed Post Business Post Express Parcel Post Media Post Greetings Post Logistics Post

21 Speed Post features Fast, Time bound, assured delivery
Letters and documents up to 35 kg Track & trace system BNPL free pick up

22 Business post One stop solution
Bulk customers, Banks, corporate offices pre mailing activity Collection of mails from the premises Inserting/Enveloping Gumming Labeling Addressing Franking

23 Charges for premailing activities
Operation ordinary Regd Collection 0.20 0.30 Folding before insertion 0.40 Insertion 0.10 Gumming 0.03 Franking Manual addressing Sealing Pasting preprinted labels gummed 0.02

24 Express parcel post Corporate Customers on Contract
Maximum weight 35 Kgs Time bound delivery at door step Refund of charges if undelivered with in norms Booking in speed post centres Surface transport

25 EPP Tariff Category In KMs Rate up to 2 Kg Every addl Kg (3 to 10 Kg)
Every addl Kg beyond 10 Kg Local 25 3 2 Up to 500 40 5 4 50 10 8 60 20 15 Above 2000 80

26 Express Parcel retail Not a contractual service-all customer
Maximum weight limit 35 Kgs No credit facility Door to door delivery irrespective of weight surface transport Booking in speed post centres

27 EPP Retail tariff Category In KMs Rate up to 2 Kg In Rs.
Every addl Kg in Rs. Local 35 5 Up to 500 50 8 60 12 70 25 Above 2000 90

28 Media Post Advertisements on Postal stationery
-Post cards, Pass books, Inland Letter cards, Letters, Aerogramme Letter boxes Mail vans ( Revised vide letter dt ) outside and inside the Post offices (decentralized vide letter dt

29 Charge Single colour Paise/piece
Media Post rates Medium Space (cms) Charge Single colour Paise/piece Charge multi colour Paise/ piece Minimum quantity lakhs Postcards 3 x 2.25 10 20 ILC 9 x 2.25 15 30 10 (S/C) 05 (M/C) Aerogramme 5.5 x 4.25  40 MOForms 2 x 4.25 POSB PB 9 x 2.25  5 Envolope 9 X 2.25 9 X 4.5 60 Comp.Pass Book 9 X 12 Rs 3.00 Rs 4.00 5000 Pay in slips Above 25 10000 per occasion

30 Greeting Post Range of delightful cards Prepaid Postage envelopes
Envelope contains multi coloured embossed stamps (miniature replica of the card) 56 designs are available Small size Rs. 14 Large size Rs.17

31 Logistics Post Large volume of parcels Minimum chargeable weight 50 kg
Insurance is optional Warehousing facility Minimum charge for(delivery & pick up) consignment is Rs plus docket charge Rs 100

32 Logistics Post cont’d Loading & unloading charge Tariff based on
free upto 500 kg Above 500 kg Rs 1000 per ton Tariff based on Weight & volume Volume 10 cubic feet or part = 50 kg Additional cubit feet or part = 5 kg Octroi/Toll tax,storage,demurrage fee are extra

33 Retail Services Bill mail Direct Post Retail Post e-Payment

34 Bill Mail Service Financial statement, bills Once in 90 days
Minimum 5000 Delivery within district Advertisement allowed not exclusive publicity Up to 50 gm-3.00 Additional 50 gm 2.00

35 National Bill mail service
Financial statement, bills Minimum 10000 Up to 50 gm- 5.00 Additional 50 gm 2.00 No credit Fully sorted pin code, delivery PO wise bundle Airlifted Sent through speed post , EPP and parcel(on request at extra cost as for SP/EPP)

36 Direct Post Unaddressed articles Size should be of A3 size paper
Minimum 1000 Accepted in DPCs Delivered in the area specified by the sender Tariff: 20 gm local 1.50 intercity Rs 2.00 Additional 20 gm Rs 1.00 for both Discount 5% over 50000

37 Retail Post Pension payment Sale of Gold Coins
Sale of application forms- university forms etc., bills collection-TRC, Electricity, water bills Railway Passenger reservation system

38 e-Payment Many to one service-
Electronically consolidate the bill payment PO collects bill payment for BSNL ,Airtel etc Issue receipt and account Update the data in to central server Consolidate the account electronically and pay to biller at his convenient point MIS accessible to the biller through e web interface Biller downloads the collection details Biller can also upload the bills to the customer for payment at post office

39 e Payment Helps collection of utility bills for a biller
Billers can be at various levels – divisional, regional, circle, all India Transfers data electronically from booking Post Offices to office of payment Collection of bills through Point of Sale and payment to biller is through treasury module Data of bills collected passed on to central server subject to certain conditions MIS of all transactions available for monitoring; billers can also be given access to MIS site for extracting biller specific MIS A secure network is in place to ensure safe transmission of data and to immediately arrest attempts to manipulate RMFS and NPS transactions also handled

40 e POST Useful even for those who do not have internet facility
e Messages can be sent and received Text & Scanned Messages One to one / One to Many Two types Retail For A4 Rs.10 Corporate Rs.6 Credit facility for corporate customer Prepaid cards available e Massages will be deliverable either at address of the addressee or on his/her e Mail

41 Practice Exercise 1.7.2

42 Financial Services

43 Types of Financial Services
Post Office Savings Schemes Postal Life Insurance/Rural Postal life Insurance Money Remittance Service Money Orders (MO) Instant Money Order (iMO) International Money Transfer (IMT) Money Gram – Money Transfer Wester Union money transfer MO Videsh IFS MO Electronic Clearance Service Indian Postal Order Mutual Funds

44 Post office Savings schemes
Accounts SB, RD, TD, MIS, SCS, PPF Certificates NSC 5 yr VIII issue and 10 year IX issue

45 Savings Account Opened through Cash Only
Minimum Initial Deposit Rs.20 Minimum balance: Rs. 50/- Max : No limit Cheque facility 4% P.A. Individual/Joint Nomination Facility

46 Recurring Deposit Account
Period 5 years Fixed Monthly Deposits (Denomination) Min : Rs Max : No Limit Nomination Facility Withdrawal Facility (only one) Can be continued after 5 years Rebate for advance deposits Rate of Interest 8.40% Rs.10 Denomination M.V. Rs

47 Time Deposit Account Minimum Rs.200
Only one Deposit in multiples of Rs.200 Maximum – No Limit Interest calculated quarterly - Paid Annually 1 year % 2 years % 3 years % 5 years %

48 Monthly Income Scheme Min – Rs.1500 or in multiples of Rs.1500 Max –
Single Lakhs Joint – 9 Lakhs Nomination Facility Monthly Interest Payable Maturity – 5 Years Interest – 8.40% P.A. Post dated cheque/Automatic Transfer to SB A/c

49 15 Year Public Provident Fund A/c
Min Rs.500 Max : Rs /F.Y. Deposits can be made in lump sum or in 12 Installments Interest – 8.70% P.A. Income Tax benefits Loan Facility Withdrawal Facility Can be continued for a block of 5 years

50 Senior Citizen Savings Scheme
Period – 5 years Min Deposit – Rs.1000 Max: Rs.15 Lakhs Age – 60 Yrs & above (55 yrs with conditions) % p.a. payable quarterly Nomination facility Can be continued for 3 more years Joint only with Spouse

51 5 year NSC VIII Issue Denominations Maturity Period – 5 Years
Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs & Rs.10000 Maturity Period – 5 Years Nomination Facility No Limit for purchase Income tax benefits Can be pledged as security Maturity Value – For Rs.100 Dn – Rs Premature Encashment – Condition Apply

52 10 year NSC IX Issue New series of certificates introduced from Denominations Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs & Rs.10000 Maturity Period – 10 Years Nomination Facility No Limit for purchase Income tax benefits Can be pledged as security Maturity Value – For Rs.100 Dn – Rs Premature Encashment – Condition Apply

53 Postal Life Insurance Insurance scheme by the Central Government
Low Premium High Bonus Eligibility Central Government Defence Services Para Military forces State Government Local Bodies Government-aided Educational Institutions Reserve Bank of India Public Sector Undertakings Financial Institutions Nationalized Banks Autonomous Bodies Extra Departmental Agents in Department of Posts

54 Postal Life Insurance The following are also now eligible to take policy under PLI employees engaged/appointed on contract basis by Central/State Governments, employees of joint ventures in which Central/State Governments/public sector undertakings/Nationalised banks have minimum holding of 10% members/employees of Credit Cooperative societies and other cooperative societies registered with Government under the cooperative acts and partly funded from Central/State governments/RBI/SBI/Nationalised Banks/NABARD Employees of deemed universities and educational institutes accredited by recognised bodies such as NAAC, AICTE, MCI etc., and/or affliated to Universities/boards, etc Employees of all scheduled commercial banks other such institutions notified by the Government

55 Plans available Endowment Assurance (Santhosh)
Whole life Assurance (Suraksha) Convertible Whole Life Assurance (Suvidha) Anticipated Endowment Assurance (Sumangal) Joint Life Assurance (Yugal Suraksha ) Children Policy

56 Rural Postal Life Insurance
Scheme provides insurance cover to the rural public in general and benefit weaker sections and women workers of rural areas

57 Plans Available in RPLI
Whole life Assurance (Gram Suraksha) Endowment Assurance (Gram Santhosh) Convertible Whole Life Assurance (Gram Suvidha) Anticipated Endowment Assurance (Gram Sumangal) Gram Priya (10 Year RPLI) Children Policy

58 Money remittance services
Money Order Electronic Money Order Instant Money Order International Money Transfer Service MO Videsh Money gram International Money Transfer Western Union money transfer IFS Electronic Clearance Services (ECS)

59 eMO Transmission of money through electronic media
Connectivity through WAN wide area network or broadband internet Unique PNR number for tracking Intimation of payment to remitter from booking office

60 eMO Essentially a mode of transmission – electronic through WAN for expeditious payment Secure channel Booking is done in Point of sale and payment through Postman module eMO application used to authorise and print eMOs and perform allied transactions eMO communication module (eMO client) exchanges data with central server Facilities like one-to-many and many-to-one are added features MIS reports of various categories for effective monitoring and tracking facility

61 Instant money order Speedy ,mobility, safety reliability
Instant web based Minimum Rs 1000 Maximum Rs 50,000 To remit payment-(TRP-1) to send money 16 digit code To make payment (TMP-1) for payment Personal identity proof Cash up to Rs 50,000

62 iMO tariff Amount Commission 100 110 120

63 International remittances
Service utilising the UPU/Eurogiro or Western Union financial services or moneygram Both outward and inward remittances for personal needs under various services Quick remittance process Payment is made in Indian rupee Service is targeted to NRI dependents and foreign tourists visiting India

64 MO Videsh Outward remittance to foreign countries using the eurogiro platform Remittances subject to RBI regulations Minimum of 100 USD and max 5000 USD per transaction Only personal remittances for specific purposes This service is not available in POs on Saturdays & Sundays Maximum of 30 remittances permitted in a year

65 IFS MO Secure international financial system(IFS of UPU) used for money transfer Currently only inward remittances from France and UAE are available Two types of remittances – Urgent and normal All eMO offices authorised to transact Urgent IFS MOs can be paid at any office; Ordinary only through concerned delivery PO Payment up to Rs at residence through eMO Above upto at PO in cash Above at PO through cheque

66 WUMT/Moneygram services
Western union money transfer IndiaPost works as agent to offer this service Only inward personal remittances max per remittance USD 2500 Moneygram international remittance Offered in partnership with Moneygram international inc USA through select POs Only inward remittances for family maintenance and favouring foreign tourists

67 Forex services Provided by India Post in partnership with HDFC bank
Facility available in select Post Offices Services offered Service Scope Foreign currency notes (FCN) Buying and selling Travellers Cheques (TC) Store Value card (SVC) Selling Arrangement for Demand Drafts (DD) Arrangement for Telegraphic/ wire transfers (TT/ WT)

68 New financial services

69 MGNREGA Account can be opened with zero balance (now categorised as Basic savings account) Non-transferable and non conversion No cheque facility Deposits other than wage credits also allowed Separate block numbers Single account for a family Joint A only-Husband/wife Nomination facility available

70 MNREGA cont’d Job card number, date of issue be noted on SB-3
Will not be treated as silent Normal procedure in case of claims If the name is deleted in the job card account to be closed with in 30 days Interest payment-normal procedure

71 National Pension System(NPS)
Any citizen of India age between can join Should comply with KYC norms Two types of accounts Tier I A Non- withdrawal account the Subscriber shall contribute savings for building a retirement corpus. This is mandatory. Tier II A voluntary savings facility provides liquidity to subscribers, Withdrawal is allowed

72 Practice Exercise 1.7.3 Progress Test 1

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