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CIS 342: e-Commerce Applications Prof Frye

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1 CIS 342: e-Commerce Applications Prof Frye

2 E-commerce Payment Most common method – credit, debit, or charge cards Merchant – Merchant account – Payment-processing software

3 Processing by Merchant Use a third-party to process transactions Create an alliance with a credit card merchant

4 Typical Payment Transaction Consumer makes purchase Consumer’s info securely sent to merchant Merchant sends credit card info to clearing house Clearing house verifies account info with issuing bank Issuing bank credit’s merchant’s account Merchant ships product Consumer’s account debited

5 Credit Card Fraud Purchase by unauthorized user Chargeback Prevention – Visa – MasterCard

6 Payment Alternatives Digital Currency COD Escrow Service E-check Prepaid Cards Digital Wallet

7 EBPP or e-Billing Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment Customer gets bill online Payment options

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