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Department of Human Anatomy

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1 Department of Human Anatomy
The Neck Xiaoming Zhang Department of Human Anatomy School of Medicine Zhejiang University

2 I Introduction

3 II Boundaries and Division
Neck : by trapezius The posterior portion: nape The anterior portion: the side of the neck The anterior portion : by Sternocleidomastoid anterior region posterior region sternocleidomastoid region


5 Superficial Part Of Neck

6 I Skin II Superficial fascia and platysma III Superficial structures 1. Anterior jugular vein External jugular vein 2. Superficial lateral cervical lymph nodes 3. The cutaneous branches of the cervical plexus:

7 The surface Landmarks:
hyoid bone thyroid cartilage cricoid cartilage jugular notch sternocleidomastoid greater supraclavicular fossa clavicle






13 Deep Part Of Neck I Fascia Three layers:
Superficial layer-enveloping fascia Middle layer-pretracheal fascia(visceral fascia) Deep layer-prevertebral fascia

14 The submandibular triangle
The boundaries: ---the inferior border of the mandible ---the anterior, posterior bellies of the digastric ---superficially: the skin; superficial fascia; platysma ; superficial layer of the cervical fascia; ---deeply: mylohyoid hyoglossus middle constrictor of the pharynx

15 The submandibular triangle
The contents: ---submandibular gland and its duct ---submandibular lymph nodes ---facial artery and vein ---hypoglossal nerve ---lingual artery and vein ---lingual nerve

16 Carotid Triangle Boundaries Contents 1 Internal jugular V.
2 The common carotid A. External carotid artery : Superior thyroid A. Lingual A. Facial A. Occipital A. Posterior auricular A.

17 3 Hypoglossal N. 4 Vagus N. —superior laryngeal N.
internal laryngeal N. external laryngeal N.

18 III The Muscular Triangle
Layers 1.The skin 2.The superficial fascia and platysma 3.The superficial structure -Anterior jugular vein -Transverse cervical nerve 4.Enveloping fascia 5.The infrahyoid muscles:

19 III The Muscular Triangle
6 Pretracheal fascia 7 The thyroid gland 8 The Parathyroid glands 9 The cervical part of trachea and esophagus

20 IV The sternocleidomastoid region
1 The ansa cervicalis 2 The contents of carotid sheath common carotid artery internal jugular V. vagus N. 3 The cervical plexus: five cutaneous branches, phrenic N. 4 The sympathetic trunk of the neck

21 Ansa cervicalis

22 The shape: “H” shaped, right and left lobes, isthmus.
The thyroid gland: The shape: “H” shaped, right and left lobes, isthmus. somebody have a pyramidal lobe. Location : --- lateral lobes: --- isthmus:

23 The thyroid gland: Relations: ----Anteriorly: superficial fascia
skin superficial fascia enveloping fascia infrahyoid muscles pretracheal fascia ----Posteromedially : larynx and trachea pharynx and esophagus recurrent laryngeal nerve ----Posteriorly: parathyroid gland Sympathetic trunk ----Posterolaterally: carotid sheath and its contents

24 The thyroid gland: The coverings: suspensory ligament of thyroid gland
----The false capsule suspensory ligament of thyroid gland ----The true capsule (真被囊)

25 The thyroid gland: The blood vessels and nerves
1. superior thyroid artery and superior laryngeal nerve 2. inferior thyroid artery & recurrent laryngeal nerve 3. lowest thyroid artery (the arteria thyroidea ima)


27 The thyroid gland: The blood vessels and nerves: ---- V:
1. superior thyroid vein 2. middle thyroid vein 3. inferior thyroid vein and the unpaired thyroid venous plexus. ------N recurrent laryngeal nerve superior laryngeal nerve

28 Summary The Boundaries and Division of the neck.
The superficial structures of neck The deep part of neck The carotid triangle. The muscular triangle. The sternocleidomastoid region.

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