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Lewis and Clark Zebulon Pike John C. Fremont

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1 Lewis and Clark Zebulon Pike John C. Fremont
Exploring the West

2 Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery

3 Up the Missouri River Find out land bought from Louisiana Purchase
Jefferson organized Traveled upstream against the Missouri River and across land to the Rocky Mountains Indian country – most tribes welcomed the explorers

4 Their Legacy Mapped a route to Pacific.
Established good relations with western Indian tribes. Explored the Louisiana Territory and Oregon Country (land west of the Mississippi River)

5 Zebulon Pike

6 His Legacy mapped southern portion of Louisiana Purchase
explored Colorado; founded Pike’s Peak (mountain in CO) captured & arrested by the Spanish, released bc of American govt.

7 John C. Fremont

8 His Legacy explored the Rocky Mountain region to the Pacific, reached Great Salt Lake (soon after Mormons heard of the area) crossed the Sierra Nevada range explored & settled California region in 1840’s


10 1. Who single handedly saved the Corps of Discovery from dying in the Rockies?

11 2. Which President sent out Lewis and Clark to explore his new purchase of the Louisiana Territory?

12 3. What was the primary objective for the Corps of Discovery?

13 4. Which explorer mapped a route of the southern Louisiana Territory?

14 5. Which explorer “founded” the Great Basin?

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