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“Community Based Approach to Local Development ”Project: Strategic context, nature, objectives and key characteristics.

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1 “Community Based Approach to Local Development ”Project: Strategic context, nature, objectives and key characteristics

2 Tacis National Action Programme 2006 for Ukraine, mutually approved by the European Commission and the Government of Ukraine The Project meets the priorities of the Ukraine-EU Action Plan on civil society development, social integration strengthening and local development UN Development Programme Action Plan in Ukraine Agreement between the European Commission and UNDP on Project co-financing and implementation Project Legal Frameworks:

3 duration: 3.5 years Location: all oblasts of Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea target group: village communities, urban villages and towns with population less than 10 thousand people coverage: not less than 1,000 residential areas in 200 pilot rayons Budget : Euro 13.33 million, including: Euro 12.0 mln. (90%): European Commission’s contribution Euro 1.33 mln. (10%): UNDP’s contribution implementation and co-financing: UNDP in cooperation with executive authorities and self-governing authorities Project key characteristics

4 Experience of previous and current European Commission’s projects : –pilot models for sustainable regional and local development –complex regional sectoral strategies (solid household waste management in Donetsk oblast) –investment measures on local level related to modernisation of municipal infrastructures in small towns of Ukraine Need for synchronisation of actions with future European Commission’s initiatives (establishment of the Regional Sustainable Development Fund) Project background (1):

5 Successful experience of UNDP projects’ implementation on the basis of principles of citizen involvement and social integration: - Crimea integration and development programme - Chernobyl Recovery and Development Programme - Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme Project background (2):

6 Goal and objectives of the Project: Create an enabling environment for long-term self- sustaining social, economic and community development at local level through : community self organisation and social activity; establishment of community strategic planning elements; creation and implementation of community initiatives concerning modernisation of basic local infrastructure dissemination, generalization, institutionalisation of gained experience on national scale

7 Project implementation principles: community self organisation and social activity focus on basic needs of community viability capacity building of communities and local authorities partner relations “donor-community-local authorities-local business” co-financing among a donor, community residents, national and local budgets concentration on further financial and organisational viability of community initiatives

8 Project priority areas: : Health (local health posts network) Energy (energy saving measures, promotion of the use of renewable energy sources etc) Environnent (utilization of wastes, pesticide inactivation etc) Water management Local transport systems (overcoming commuting and transportation problems in rural areas)

9 Final project beneficiaries Residents of participating communities Self-governing authorities of participating communities Rayon authorities Oblast authorities

10 Estimated results: self-organisation skills are developed within participating communities (1,000 at least); at least 1,175 community initiatives are implemented on the basis of co-financing among the project, community residents, national and local budgets; worked out mechanisms of local planning with participation of communities in 200 pilot rayons; good practice systematized and disseminated among all interested communities and local authorities

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