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Veolia Transport on Demand Brad Whittle. Veolia Transportation - Worldwide The Leading Private Operator of Public Transportation in Europe and United.

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1 Veolia Transport on Demand Brad Whittle

2 Veolia Transportation - Worldwide The Leading Private Operator of Public Transportation in Europe and United States - Revenues of €4.35 Billion - 73,000 employees worldwide - 2.5 Billion passengers carried annually - 31,000 vehicles (buses, coaches, light rail, metros, trains, taxis and boats) - 5,000 Locations in 25 Countries

3 Veolia Transportation – North America Businesses that have long-term staying power High-growth businesses Attractive margins (20%) We control the product & service -- keeping the upside & the benefit from our investment. Synergies with transit business, without needing to take precious resources from VTNA $1 Billion Revenues Transit & Commuter Services Rail Paratransit Circulators (ShuttlePort) Veolia Transportation On Demand

4 Veolia Transportation On Demand (VTOD) – An Introduction Division Created for On Demand Services (Airport Shuttle, Taxi) Acquired SuperShuttle 2006 - Platform for Growth, Leveraging Resources and Technology Growth Projected in Major Airports in US One Brand Connecting All Major Ground Transportation Hubs

5 What is VTOD’s Strategy? Continue SuperShuttle’s impressive growth Build a top-quality national taxi brand Add value through operational and technological innovation

6 SuperShuttle Changed How People Travel To and From the Airport

7 Largest operator of shared-ride van services in the US 8 million annual passengers 23 years of operating experience Reservation, dispatch, cashiering systems that are: - Fully integrated - State-of-the art - Proprietary SuperShuttle: Key Facts

8 24 Airports Now Served by SuperShuttle

9 Integrated Technology & Operations Platform

10 Online Bookings Drive Internal Growth Online travel sites allow passengers to reserve SuperShuttle when booking air travel 30% of all 8 million orders now placed online

11 Sales & Marketing – Internal Growth Customized Online Engines: Hotel Concierge: hotel staff books guests via customized online system (& get financial incentives) Convention Business: attendees book SuperShuttle as they make convention travel plans Tour Wholesalers’: travelers book Supershuttle as they make vacation plans (e.g. Wal-Mart Vacations, Sam’s Club)

12 Goals: Grow share in existing markets Target 71% of people who ride to airports in cars Expand to many top 60 airports, 80% of US volume Supported by External Factors: Continued growth in air travel and traffic congestion Increases in gas prices & airport parking costs Airport managers’ belief in branded services SuperShuttle Growth Strategy

13 Veolia Taxi

14 U.S. Taxi Industry $7 billion business, 70% in 20 large cities Transports 1.4 billion people annually Fragmented Typically a few large operators in each market, due to barriers to entry Inconsistent service, no industry standards


16 Build on the best multi-city systems: Platform for Growth

17 Taxi Growth Strategy Build a national branded taxi network (e.g. SuperTaxi): Acquire attractive targets in key markets Partner with Key Airports through contracts Build on best systems & technology from SuperShuttle,Yellow & Veolia Embed service standards Enhance Veolia’s presence, depth & tenure in key markets

18 Taxi – A Look Into the Future  Airport Partnerships  Regulation  Drivers  Vehicles  Technology Improvements

19 Taxi – A Look Into the Future

20 Taxi – A Look Into the Past  Fragmented Industry  Inconsistent Product  Inconsistent Customer Service

21 Future - Airport Partnerships  SuperShuttle Model  Partner with Airports  Airports Gain Recognized Brand  Consistent Customer Experience

22 Future - Drivers  Safety  Customer Service Standards  Driver Screening  Driver Training  Uniforms & Customer Service  Driver Income & Welfare

23 Future - Taxi Regulation  Proper Regulation Promotes Quality Taxi Service  Supply Regulated / Number of Taxis  Better for Airports  Better for Taxi Drivers & Driver Income  Better for Customers - Consistent Customer Experience

24 Future - Vehicles Fuel Efficient, Environmentally Friendly - (hybrid, propane, CNG)

25 Future - Vehicles  Type of Vehicle  Age Limitation  Safety  Handicap Accessibility

26 Future - Technology  GPS Technology (Mapping, Vehicle Tracking)  Safety (Drivecam type devices)  Tourism Technology  Centralized Dispatching  Centralized Call Centers (consistent customer experience)  Online Booking and Tracking  Payment Methods (Credit, Debit, Backseat Card Readers, Kiosks, National Accounts, Quick Convenient Transactions)

27 Future – What the Customer Wants  Safe, Clean, Courteous Transportation  Point A to Point B - Direct  Reliability  24/7 Service  Consistent Product & Service

28 Veolia Transport on Demand

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