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South East Europe 2020 Supporting Jobs through Regional Action.

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1 South East Europe 2020 Supporting Jobs through Regional Action

2 Inclusive Growth Objective Enhance employment through skills development, labor market modernization and participation by all, including vulnerable groups and minorities. Promote health and reduce health inequities

3 Inclusive Growth Target Growth of Overall Employment Rate in % for persons 15+ AlbBiHCroKos* FYR of Mac.MneSerSEE 20104732414239403839.5 20205434484644504444.4

4 Employment dynamics in the Western Balkans in the framework of SEE2020






10 Employment rate by gender, 2012

11 % of working age population that is inactive

12 Youth unemployment

13 Long term unemployment, % of total

14 Share of unemployment by level of education

15 Unemployment rate by education

16 Key strategic actions on employment Build regional capacity for harmonized monitoring of migration and mobility with a view to a gradual lifting of labour market restrictions in the region. Apply modern approaches in labour market governance that stimulate employment, including the flexicurity approach, evidence based policy making, and partnerships for labour market transition. Tackle informal employment through an exchange of information and experiences, improved inter-institutional and intra-regional cooperation and by testing appropriate policy measures. Promote social economy initiatives: setting up a regulatory framework, networking, sharing know-how and identifying good practices.

17 Labor Mobility An analysis of the existing situation with respect to the mobility of the workforce, including socio-demographic characteristics of migrants by destination, data on remittances, data on duration of migratory spells, and paying particular attention to evolution over time of such variables and other notable trends. A discussion of current mobility/migration policies and applicable laws in each country, and of the institutional arrangements now present to facilitate/regulate migratory flows. Description of job creation and job destruction among sectors of the economy, including an assessment of segments of the labor market which are more likely to opt for migration Establish a consultative process on the potential of regional labor mobility for addressing the employment challenge. Agree on the way forward towards full regional labor mobility in South East Europe

18 Common health challenges Health inequalities between and within countries Demographic ageing High burden of preventable, non-communicable diseases (cardio-vascular, cancer, diabetes, asthma) Lack of effective approaches to promote health Lack of financial sustainability

19 Key strategic actions on health Introduce policy measures for improving the health gain of the populations, with a focus on low-income and vulnerable groups, by strengthening the delivery of universal and high-quality health-promoting services Strengthen the institutions and improve inter-sectoral governance of the health sector at all levels, including health information infrastructure and regional cross-border information exchange Harmonise cross-border public health and public health services legislation, standards and procedures; develop mutual recognition and trust to enable the creation of a Free Trade Area from a public health perspective Strengthen human resources in the health sector, harmonise the qualifications of health professionals in the SEE region, monitor Human Resources for Health mobility.

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