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Mrs. Opland Health Careers

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1 Mrs. Opland Health Careers
Heath Care Systems Mrs. Opland Health Careers

2 Health Care Facilities

3 Hospitals Operated by Religious Organizations Specialized Hospital
Care given in accordance with religious beliefs Specialized Hospital Provide care for specific illnesses Health Care Workers highly trained to meet the needs of theses groups Operated by Religious Orgainizations: Catholic will not do abortions, provide birthcontrol Specialized Hospital: Children’s Hospital Shriners Hospital Treament of Heart and Lung Cancer

4 Operated by Government
Operated by federal, state, and local government agencies Provide care for government service personnel and their dependents Veterans Administration hospitals, State psychiatric hospitals, state rehabilitation centers

5 Private Has Shareholders – people who invest money and expect a profit or return on their investment. Client have to pay to use these facilities Nonprofit The goal is not to have a profit, but to return any profit for improvements in the hospital Give examples of the various types of hospitals Government Hospitals Veterans Hospital in Fargo North Dakota State Hospital in Jamestown Religious Hospital St. Johns in Fargo Specialty Hospitals Childrens Hospital in Minneapolis Private Hospital: Betty Ford Treatment Center Nonprofit Hospital” Jamestown Hospital

6 Long-term Care Facilities
Mainly provide care for elderly patients called residents Also provide care for individuals with disabilities or handicaps and individuals with chronic or long-term illnesses May also be called a nursing home, geriatric care facility, or skilled care facility Can range from assisted living to 24 hour nursing services Includes rehabilitation and home health Care

7 Independent or Assisted Living Facilities
Allows individuals who can care for themselves to rent or purchase an apartment in the facility Services such as meals, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, social events, and basic medical care are provided May offer day care….

8 Clinics Composed of a group of medical or dental doctors who share a facility and other personnel Examples: surgicenter, cancer center, outpatient centers

9 Laboratories Often a part of other facilities but may operate as a separate health care service Medical Laboratory: perform special diagnostic tests on blood or other body fluids to make a diagnosis. Dental laboratory: prepare dentures (false teeth) and many other devices used to repair or replace teeth

10 Emergency Care Services
Provide care for ill and injured people as quickly as possible. Ambulances, rescue squads, emergency care clinics/centers, helicopter or airplane emergency services, emergency rooms often located in a hospital. Police officers, firefighters and ambulance staff are most likely to provide emergency services. EMS courses are available on topics such as first aid, CPR

11 Home Health Care Prove care in a patient’s home
Used by disabled or elderly Examples: nursing care, personal care, therapy, homemaking Home health: Jamestown Hospital -- need to be home bound, can be seen daily Home Visitation: Central Valley Health Unit – can be seen once a week

12 Rehabilitation Facilities
Provide care to help patients with physical or mental disabilities obtain maximum self-care and function Services may include physical, occupational, recreational, speech and hearing therapy

13 Hospice Special Care for clients who have a terminal illness.
Goals of Hospice: Improve quality of life Use pain meds effectively Relieve symptoms Prepare the person and his or her family for death Activity: Cooperative Learning– instruct the students to read the section about hospice. Divide the class into groups to discuss their views about the following. Then ask each group to present its views. ** Imagine you have just been told you have only 6 months to live How would you want to spend those 6 months? What if you could not get out of bed because you were too weak? Whom would you want to care for you? What if he or she was not available to care for you? Explain why you would or would not want to have hospice provide care?

14 Hospice Care can be given in the home or in a hospice facility
Care is directed at allowing the person to die with dignity and in comfort Psychological, social, spiritual, and financial counseling are provided for both the patient and the family

15 Dental Offices Dental services can include general care provided to all age groups or specialized care Services may include teeth examination, filling teeth, prosthetics, x-ray, orthodontic services, minor surgery

16 Optical Centers Provide vision examinations, prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses, and check for the presence of eye diseases.

17 Mental Health Facilities
Treats patients with mental disorders and diseases Examples: guidance and counseling centers, psychiatric clinics, chemical abuse treatment centers, and physical abuse treatment centers

18 Industrial Health Care Centers
Occupational health clinics found in large companies or industries Proved health care for employees of the industry or business by performing basic examinations; teaching accident prevention and safety; and providing emergency care

19 School Health Services
Found in schools and colleges Provide emergency care, perform tests to check for health conditions, promote health education, and maintain a safe and sanitary school environment. May provide counseling

20 Government Agencies

21 Health Departments Provide health services as directed by the Department of Health and Human Services State and local (county and city) Examples of services: immunizations, inspections for environmental health and sanitation; communicable disease control; collection of statistics; health education; clinics for health care and prevention


23 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - - CDC
Concerned with causes, spread, and control of diseases in populations

24 Food and Drug Administration - FDA -
Responsible for regulating food and drug products sold to the public in the US

25 World Health Organization - WHO -
International agency Compiles statistics and information on disease, publishes health information, and investigates and addresses serious health problems throughout the world

26 WHO Definition of Health
Health is not merely the absence of disease, but total physical, social and psychological health

27 Occupational Safety and Health Administration - OSHA
Establishes and enforces standards that protect workers from job-related injuries and illnesses

28 Voluntary or Nonprofit Agencies

29 Supported by donations, membership fees, fundraisers, and federal or state grants
Examples: American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, March of Dimes, American Red Cross, Provides funding for research directed at curing or treating the disease, and promotes public education

30 Health Insurance

31 Definition Health insurance plans help pay for the costs of health care

32 Terminology Premium: payment made to insurance company for health care coverage Deductibles: amounts that must be paid before the insurance company pays Co-insurance: requires that specific percentages of expenses are shared by the patient and insurance company

33 HMO: Health Maintenance Organization
Co-payment: a specific amount of money a patient pays for health care services HMO: Health Maintenance Organization a monthly fee is paid for membership, fee stays the same regardless of the amount of health care used. Total care is directed at preventative care


35 PPO: Preferred provider organization
a contract is formed between a company and a health care provider to provide health care at a reduced rate Employees are restricted to using a specific agency

36 Medicaid: medical assistance program operated by individual states
Medicare: government program that proveds health care for almost all individual over the age of 65 and for any person with a disability who has received social security benefits for 2 years pays 80% of bill, patient responsible for 20% Medicaid: medical assistance program operated by individual states Usually pays for trhe health care of individuals with low incomes,l children who qualify for public assistance, and individuals who are physically disabled or blind

37 Managed Care: all health care must have a purpose
Workers Compensation: health insurance plan providing treatment for workers injured on the job Paid for by the employer Reimburses the worker for wages lost because of on-the-job injury Managed Care: all health care must have a purpose A second opinion or verifidcation of need is frequently needed before care is paid for

38 Military Health Care Also known as CHAMPUS/TRICARE
Health Care program for active and retired military personnel and veterans.

39 Organizational Structure
Encompasses a line of authority or chain of command

40 Trends in Health Care

41 Cost Containment Means trying to control the rising cost of health care Methods used to control costs Diagnostic related groups (DRGs): patients with certain diagnosis are classified as one payment group – a limit is place on the amount pay for services Combination of Service: done to eliminate duplication of service Outpatient Services: patients receive care without being admitted to the hospital or other care facility

42 Mass or bulk purchasing: buying equipment and supplies in large quanities
Early intervention & preventative care: providing care before acute or chronic disease occurs – preventing illness Energy conservation: monitoring the use of energy to control costs

43 Home Health Care With DRGs and shorter hospital stays there is a need for providing care in the home

44 Geriatric Care Care for the elderly
Due to longer life spans, baby boom generation Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act: (OBRA): This act requires states to: establish training and competency evaluation programs for nursing and geriatric assistants: Continuing education, periodic evaluation of performance, retraining or retesting if a nursing assistant does not work for more than two years Compliance with Patient Rights

45 Telemedicine Involves the use of video, audio and computer systems to provide medical and/or health services

46 Alternative medical care
Massage therapy Aroma therapy Accupuncture Hypnosis Herbal medicine Bee stings Rattle snake bites

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