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The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999

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1 The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999

2 Risk Assessment Risk assess for employees and others who may be affected (visitors, contractors etc.) 5 Steps Identify, Decide, Evaluate, Record, Review & Revise Suitable and Sufficient Young persons

3 Principles of Prevention
Avoid risks altogether Assess risks which cannot be avoided Combat risks at source Adapt work to the individual Adapt to technical progress Substitution Develop an overall prevention policy Give priority to collective measures Instruct/train employees Develop a positive safety culture

4 Health & Safety Arrangements
Health & Safety Management system: Planning Organisation Control Monitoring Review Record arrangements if 5 or more staff

5 Health Surveillance When the RA shows the following to apply:
Identifiable disease/condition associated; Valid detection techniques are available; Reasonable likelihood that disease/condition will occur; Surveillance is likely to further protection. Communicate to employees and reps May require assistance of medical practitioner

6 Health & Safety Assistance
Appoint one or more competent persons Adequate co-operation between them Provide time and resources Appoint people in employment where possible

7 Procedures for Serious & Imminent Danger
Appropriate procedures Inform staff; Stop work immediately; Not resume work where danger still exists Nominate competent persons to implement Restrict access where necessary

8 Contact with External Services
Procedures for contact in case of serious and imminent danger Fire and bomb normally sufficient Review and revise in light of changes

9 Information for Employees
Provide information on: Risks identified by assessment; Preventive and protective measures; Emergency procedures (and nominated people) Risks from other employers Provide information to parents of children on: Risks and protective/preventive measures

10 Co-operation & Co-ordination
Where 2 or more employers share workplace: Co-operate with other employers Inform other employers of risks Appoint H&S co-ordinator, where there is no controlling employer

11 Persons working in host employers undertakings
Provide contractors and their employers with information on: Risks from employers undertaking Protective and preventive measures Includes temporary staff from agencies

12 Capabilities & Training
Take account of employees capabilities Provide adequate h&s training on: Recruitment Exposed to new or increased risks Training shall be: Repeated periodically where appropriate Adapted where necessary During work hours

13 Employees duties Use machinery, equipment, substances, transport, means of production or safety device in accordance with any training or instruction given by employer. Inform employer of: Work situation which presents a serious & imminent danger to health & safety Shortcoming in protection arrangements for health & safety

14 Temporary Workers Provide agencies, temps & fixed-term employees with information on: Special qualifications or skills necessary to carry out work safely Health surveillance required

15 New/Expectant Mothers
If women of child-bearing age and risks present which could cause harm, then: Include in risk assessment May be necessary to alter working conditions, hours of work or suspend employee from work (especially night work where GP provides certificate) Women must notify the employer that she is pregnant (and provide a certificate)

16 Protection of Young Persons
Protect young persons Do not employ them for work; Beyond their physical/psychological capacity Toxic/carcinogenic/radiation Hot/cold/noise/vibration Young persons can train in the above if: It is necessary for their training; Supervised by competent person; and Risks are reduced to lowest level reasonably practicable

17 Exclusion of Civil Liability
Breach of a duty imposed by these Regs does not imply civil liability except for Pregnant women and young persons CD due to remove this exclusion

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