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Heart diseases.

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1 Heart diseases

2 coronary heart disease heart attack and
Heart disease is a broad term that includes several more specific heart conditions. The most common heart condition is: coronary heart disease heart attack and other serious conditions such as: Angina Arrhythmia.

3 Coronary heart disease
In coronary heart disease (CHD), the coronary arteries become clogged with fatty deposits. The deposits, called plaques, cause a narrowing of the arteries through which the blood reaches the heart muscle

4 Heart With Muscle Damage and Blocked Artery
Heart attack A heart attack occurs when the supply of blood and oxygen to an area of heart muscle is blocked, usually by a clot in a coronary artery Heart With Muscle Damage and Blocked Artery http/Library/Medicine/Cardiovascular/HeartAttack


6 Other serious conditions
Angina Chest pain or discomfort that occurs when the heart muscle is not getting enough blood Arrhythmias Irregular, or abnormally fast or slow, beating of the heart Other serious conditions

7 Health issues in Panama
Cardiovascular diseases, especially heart diseases and diabetes are the main problems of this kind. In Panama a person die each 4 hours because of this fact.

8 Tendency to overweight in adults over 18 years old , which stood at 34
Tendency to overweight in adults over 18 years old , which stood at 34.1% over the whole country in 2000 and has remained in place until 36.6% for 2007.

9 33.3% of women are overweight and 21.8% are obese.
in the urban area the problem is concentrated mostly for both sex, with a prevalence of 35.% For overweight and 20.6% for obesity.

10 Uncontrollable risk factors:
Male sex Older age Family history of heart disease Post-menopausal

11 Controllable risk factors include:
Smoking. High LDL, or "bad" cholesterol and low HDL, or "good" cholesterol. Uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure). Physical inactivity. Obesity (more than 20% over one's ideal body weight). Uncontrolled diabetes. Uncontrolled stress and anger. source

12 Ways to reduce the risk of heart disease: Remain Physically Active
Do Not Smoke Moderate Your Alcohol Consumption Stay On A Healthy Diet Keep A Healthy Weight Combat High Blood Cholesterol Keep High Blood Pressure in Check Keep Diabetes Controlled

13 Main Causes of Death in the United States
Health Issues in the United States Heart disease is the leading cause of death for Americans 24 years of age and older Almost 700,000 people die of heart disease each year Source: Main Causes of Death in the United States

14 Health Issues in the United States - Obesity
In the past 20 years, the percentage of obese people in America has risen dramatically By 2007, only Colorado had under 20% of obese people Source:

15 Overweight and Obesity – Contributing Factors
Energy imbalance – eating too many calories and not getting enough physical activity Body weight as the result of genes, metabolism, behavior, environment, culture and socioeconomic status Behavior and environment play the largest role over obesity/overweight people and they are the greatest areas for prevention and treatment actions Source:

16 CDC-Funded Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Programs
At state and local levels, the CDC funds state departments of health to conduct heart disease and stroke prevention programs Currently, 33 State Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Programs are funded Funded states promote policy and systems-level changes to control high blood pressure and high cholesterol in health care, work site and community settings Source:

17 State Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Programs
Helping health care providers make system changes designed to improve hearth health outcomes – example: increasing the number of people who have their blood pressure under control. Promoting hearth-healthy and stroke-free work site policies and programs such as smoke-free workplaces and insurance coverage for employee preventive services. Promoting training and standard protocols for emergency medical service pracitioners. According to

18 Heart diseases treatments
Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) Valvuloplasty (balloon treatment for valves) Implantation of stents (stent) in coronary artery Treatment of electrophysiology (arrhythmia)

19 Heart diseases treatments
Pacemaker Implant AICD (Automatic Implantable Cardioverter defibrillators) Carotid angioplasty Treatment of congenital heart diseases

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