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How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Evaluation Question 4 By Jemma Fowler.

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1 How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Evaluation Question 4 By Jemma Fowler

2 Research and Planning When researching I used mostly the internet. When doing my initial research I used IMDb; a data base, to find out the release dates of the films I was researching. I visited to research the marketing and promotion campaign for The day after tomorrow. This website is …………… I also visited later/4011159.article when researching the promotion of 28 days later, this website is ………… later/4011159.article When researching the advertisement of Billy Elliot I visited which was not actually about the film but it was about Billy Elliot the musical, although it was still interesting to read and see about how the poster were made. When researching promotion about The Full Monty I used Google search to help me find information and I came across this website; monty-ad-campaign-reveals-what-britain-loves/ which is about how the film was promoted years after it had been released, it is actually a mobile phone comparison website however the information and promotion/advertisement was clever and interesting, it would get the audience thinking about the film which they may have forgotten. monty-ad-campaign-reveals-what-britain-loves/

3 YouTube was also very helpful throughout my researching and planning process; when analysing trailer I was able to watch them through YouTube, pause, re-wind while taking my notes. I was able to take screen grabs from YouTube also to be evidence for my analysis. I also used YouTube to help research the trailer order of Kidulthood; this was so we could decide what scenes from what acts we could use and what types of shots, scenes and characters are involved in a social realism trailer. I used the scanner to post the storyboards onto the blog and we used digital cameras and memory sticks to transfer pictures of our brain storms which were written on chart paper to our blogs.

4 When researching Kidulthood’s marketing I used the website BFI; which is a database full of facts and figures about films which is where I found out; according to the UK film councils exit poll data 33% of audience members heard about the film Kidulthood through word of mouth, and social networking sites had a big part in this. By visiting IMDb; I was able to find out information about the soundtrack for Kidulthood and the artists names for my research on Kidulthood’s promotion/marketing campaign. I was also able to find Kidulthood’s box office takings using IMDb, and the release date which helped up decide when we would release our film as they are from the same genre.

5 We also used a digital camera to take pictures of our characters for scenes in our trailer, we didn’t end up using the pictures in the trailer but they were posted on the blog with our ideas and used to show the characters costumes. Production We used digital cameras to shoot our scenes, we had a camera with a mic attached to capture the sound for our scenes. Adobe premier was the program used to edit our trailer; we were able to choose the specific pieces of our footage, cut them and put them together, we also added sound effects and was able to put a soundtrack in. The music we used for our trailer is called Great Britain by Scroobies Pip, Verity attended a concert of his and personally asked him whether we were able to use his song for our trailer and he kindly agreed as long as we weren't going to be making money from it. Here is Verity’s blog post below;

6 We used fonts from Dafont as we were able to choose from a large variety of different fonts, this meant we were able to chose a font which would match our genre but still be simple and recognisable. I also used Dafont for the font of my credit block on my film poster; I wanted a font which matched the typical credit block. Photoshop was the program we used for our print artefacts; front of film magazine cover and film poster. By using Photoshop you can crop and cut images and place them on different backgrounds using layers. We used a Empire template and was able to add magazine conventions such as barcodes, titles and cover lines. Our chosen text barcode Classification symbol Credit block Name of magazine

7 We used adobe premier we were able to add text to our trailer; in front of images to introduce characters and also on a plain back background for the reviews and information. By using adobe premier we were able to edit between cuts by inserting a little flash which we used in our trailer, this helped the pace of our trailer as we wanted it to flow quite quickly. We also used the flashes and fast cuts to create a montage towards the end of our trailer, as after research we discovered most trailers increase the pace towards the end and a good way by doing this is by using a montage. We added sound using adobe premier; we added two sound tracks; as after research we discovered most social realism trailers have more than one soundtrack. We also included a voice over to help explain the narrative for our film n our trailer. We recorded the voice over by using a mic and recorder and then we transported the recording using a USB stick to the computer and we then added it to our trailer through adobe. We also added artificial sounds found in the sound library to emphasize the punch and the slamming of the door in the trailer, we used the same sound to keep the trailer flowing and match.

8 Evaluation I used PowerPoint to present my evaluation questions as I can use text and image together to show my analysis and evaluation. It allows my to present my work in an way which is simple to read and I can annotate images. Using the social networking site Facebook we created a group and we were able to communicate, send images and work to each other. We were able to decide days which we could meet and arrange when we would shot scenes and record sound for one of our evaluation questions. We also used text as a quick way to get hold of each other and update each other on what work we had done, as we often split tasks between the group. This was also a quick way to communicate when meeting up to shot scenes. We put our trailer up on YouTube and this helped us receive feedback as people could access it easily. By using the arrow I can easily annotate images.

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