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Sexually Transmitted Infections

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1 Sexually Transmitted Infections

2 STI's STI’s are diseases and infections which are capable of being spread from person to person through: sexual intercourse oral-genital contact or in non-sexual ways. IV drug

3 Symptoms What are the symptoms? How would I know if I have been infected? Sores (either painful or painless) Blood in urine Burning sensation when urinating Rashes Itching Bumps Warts Unusual discharge

4 How well do you know the 63 people you had sex with last night?

5 MYTHS OF STDs True or False
Most people with an STD experience painful symptoms. Birth control pills prevent the spread of STDs. Douching will cure and STD. Abstinence is the best way to prevent STDs. If you get an STD once, and are treated, you can’t get it again. A person does not need to see a doctor if she/he notices scores on his/her genitals once, but then they go away. Condoms help prevent the spread of STDs

6 Chlamydia (Bacterial)
Male Watery or milky discharge from penis Burning when urinating Pain or swelling of the testicles Female Unusual discharge from the vagina Bleeding/spotting between periods Bleeding or pain during or after sex Lower abdominal pain Burning when urinating

7 May develop Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Can pass to unborn baby during childbirth

8 Gonorrhea Burning/pain when urinating Rectal discharge from anal sex
Blood in the stool Sore throat from oral sex

9 Can lead to starilization
Can cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Can be passed to unborn baby and cause blindness

10 Syphilis (Bacterial) Symptoms are the same for both males and females. However many people have no symptoms Painless sore's from pinpoint size to as large as a quarter Flu-like symptoms, fever, fatigue, pain in the joints and muscles Painless rash on hands, feet or whole body Swollen lymph nodes Hair loss

11 Syphilis – 1st Stage

12 May cause blindness, paralysis, deafness,
May also cause heart or braine disease

13 Vaginitis – Yeast Fungus
Yeast fungus that may or may not be transmitted by sexual intercourse. Caused by high doses of antibiotics. It is usually caused by altering the Ph of the vagina. SYMPTOMS: A thick cheesy vaginal discharge Severe itching

14 Genital Herpes (Virus)
Same for males and female Tingling or itching of the skin around the genitals One or a group of painful, watery blisters in or around the genitals, or wherever there is skin to skin contact (hips, nipples, anus) These blisters break and form open sores that crust or scab lasting 7-21 days Burning when you urinate (pee) Flu-like symptoms (usually during the outbreak) Tender, swollen glands in the groin Symptoms that start 2-21 days after contact with an infected person, but may take weeks or months to appear Outbreaks of herpes that vary and can return as often as every month or as rarely as once a year or longer Stress, illness, diet, fever, sun exposure, your period, pregnancy or vigorous sex may cause outbreaks

15 Herpes

16 Side effects are usually emotional
Can pass to baby during childbirth

17 Genital Warts (HPV) (Virus)
Warts may be round, flat or raised small cauliflower-like bumps that are flesh/grey colored Warts can be single or in clusters Warts can be found in and around the genital area.

18 Warts do not turn to cancer
Rarely passed to baby during child birth

19 Review With First Partner With Second Partner With Third Partner
Sign their name to your card Discuss some names and characteristics of common STI’s With Second Partner Discuss reasons people do not protect themselves from STI’s With Third Partner Discuss how people can protect themselves from STI’s

20 Results The person with the letter “D” on the back of your card stand up!

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